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So my main character has the last name 'Blaze,' and her motorcycle riding brother is name Johnny.

I just realized that Johnny Blaze is Ghost Rider's real name, and my story also features demons, and could arguably be defined as a 'superhero' story.

So should I just let the name stand. The odds of publication are low enough that lawsuits don't bother me, and Johnny Blaze is a pretty cool name, but I would still feel writer's guilt.

Is there another one syllable surname that suggests hell without being too obvious?
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Todd? (Granted, death doesn't immediately mean hell.)

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I stole two names from Twilight. Think how I feel.

Honestly? I would not worry about it. It's personality that matters.

Now, if you're ripping off a name like Aragorn, then there will be problems.

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John and variations of it are the single most common male name. And Blaze is plenty common as well. I think you're fine, particularly since it seems like you only realized this connection after naming them.
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If you do it, expect to be given shit for it. However, you are very unlikely to get into legal trouble for this for any generic type name. Fantastic names are more trademark-able.
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Why not change the brother's first name? Donnie, maybe.
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Blaze is such a generic and overused name. So is Johnny. If you typed a base bio on your characters, it could be much easier to help you figure out names.
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I've accidentally done something similar. Do I get away with it if it's funny? tongue
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