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Basil Marceux is the time traveling future self of Chris-Chan:

Think about it:

Basil consistently embarrases himself in public in the same cringe-worthy Chris does during his Youtube videos, Both have the same tastes in clothes and female-deflector neck pendants and share of the slightly demented child-like political views

 2 snowbull, Fri, 15th Oct '10 8:17:19 PM from outer layers of The City
IJBM Refugee
He seems too eloquent.
uhh, which one?

 4 Ponicalica, Sat, 16th Oct '10 12:15:40 PM from facing Buttercup
 6 snowbull, Mon, 18th Oct '10 1:13:48 PM from outer layers of The City
IJBM Refugee
Holy fuck...

This shall not end well.
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Total posts: 6

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