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Scott Pilgrim vs. the World:

I justwanted to point out this bit of awesomeness. EPIC
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 102 Schitzo, Thu, 29th Jul '10 1:09:30 PM from Akumajou Dracula Relationship Status: LA Woman, you're my woman
I tried that out. To be honest, it's extremely limited in what you can do, but it was pretty cool.

Took me quite a while to find a set of Boss Subtitles i like.
 103 Watchtower, Thu, 29th Jul '10 3:15:38 PM from Beyond Thunderdome Relationship Status: I LOVE THIS DOCTOR!
Me writing fanfics
Oh man, seeing the trailers at the theater caused me and my friends to all fangasm. This movie looks more faithful to video games than actual video game adaptations, and I'm hyped as hell for it.

Someone's gonna have to point out how it differs from the source material. Personally, I haven't read the volumes, so I'm not gonna care if they do, but I'd at least like to know what's different. The fact that the changes are approved by the writer himself help make me more relaxed.
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^ Hah, maybe Scott Pilgrim will be considered a good video game movie like how Galaxy Quest is considered a good Star Trek movie.
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Laika Come Home
Well, the movie was exactly what I was expecting and hoping for, with great music and visual effects to boot.

It has a great energy that kicks in during the opening credits and never slows down. It's cheeky, fun, and the action is incredibly well directed. It's much more palatable than Edgar's action direction for Hot Fuzz, which was intended to be a spoof of Michael Bay's style, so it was completely intentional. Not that I didn't like the action in Hot Fuzz - on the contrary - but Scott Pilgrim's is less glitchy and the better for it.

All of the cast does wonderfully, with Mary Elizabeth Winstead and Cera being the obvious standouts. Amongst the exes, it was obvious all the actors were having a ton of fun in their roles. The whole movie had a great sense of fun and of people having fun making it. It's really just a blast to watch.

That being said the movie deviates from the comics a lot, and has only 2 hours to complete all seven evil exes, so it's a little compressed, and unfortunately, somewhat inferior to the comics. But this is mostly due to the limitations of the format and the necessary evil of its Gecko Ending. I enjoyed the climax in the comics more.

While we're comparing, it must be noted the characterization suffers due to run time. Some of the exes get abbreviated backstories, but just about everyone role is reduced from the comics except Scott and Wallace. Even Ramona's characterization had to be trimmed, and while Winstead is great in the part the character suffers a little for it. Many of the incidental characters are reduced to walk-on roles (Julie, Comeau, Monique, Sandra) and some of the heavier characters are cut short, too (Envy and the twins, of particular note).

This, however, is almost all a necessary evil to tell a six-volume story in a feature length runtime, and is entirely forgivable. The script was airtight and kept things movie fantastically well. Then again, this IS Edgar Wright, so that's pretty much to be expected.

Verdict: it's fantastic. Go see it. Just don't compare. Treat the movie and the comics as separate entities and you'll love it.
 106 Jack Mackerel, Fri, 30th Jul '10 5:54:47 PM from SOME OBSCURE MEDIA
I dunno, I found Hot Fuzz's action wasn't enough in the last bits, but that's because I've played too much video games.

Sounds like something to go to full price, then.
The Grim Reaper
here's how the stories fit together:

the first act is the first book, the third act is the 6th book, and the 4 other books get smushed together into the 2nd act.

edited 30th Jul '10 7:21:35 PM by Roundy210

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Laika Come Home
I found Hot Fuzz's action wasn't enough in the last bits

No, I know what you mean. It got old. I mean, the movie was great, but the action was very... well... Michael Bay, and the style is tiring.

Scott's action is much more fluid and honestly, much more fun to watch. I never really got tired of the fighting in Scott Pilgrim, while the back of my mind started drifting a little for Hot Fuzz.
 109 Jack Mackerel, Sat, 31st Jul '10 8:24:16 AM from SOME OBSCURE MEDIA
...Actually, I'm a Michael Bay fan, and if anything, a lot of action seems small compared to his style.

It's that Hot Fuzz's final battle wasn't enough.
The Grim Reaper
Here's some delicious epic for all you:
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 111 Watchtower, Thu, 5th Aug '10 2:35:35 PM from Beyond Thunderdome Relationship Status: I LOVE THIS DOCTOR!
Me writing fanfics
Holy shit. That is fucking awesome!!!!
 112 zoeymoe, Thu, 5th Aug '10 5:37:50 PM from Subspace
The Iron Woobie
Did anyone see the cover of Empire Magazine for Sept. 2010? It looks awesome!
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Oh my god. I'm a Special Features whore, and getting so much special features info before the actual movie even comes out?!

It's too much. I'm gonna die of the awesome.

Hell, I might actually start reading the comic books. If I can scrounge up enough money.
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 114 Ronka 87, Thu, 5th Aug '10 9:28:45 PM from the mouth of madness.
Maid of Win
^ You could always try the library.
Thanks for the all fish!
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I don't know how to drive yet. The nearest library is not close enough to walk or bike - not to mention I don't know how to bike either.
Always, somewhere, someone is fighting for you. As long as you remember them, you are not alone.
 116 Jack Mackerel, Fri, 6th Aug '10 12:08:16 AM from SOME OBSCURE MEDIA
I keep thinking he's Jesse Eisenberg, but he's not.

 117 Schitzo, Fri, 6th Aug '10 12:39:23 AM from Akumajou Dracula Relationship Status: LA Woman, you're my woman
What the hell?! THAT'S Michael Cera?!


edited 6th Aug '10 12:39:35 AM by Schitzo

 118 Jack Mackerel, Fri, 6th Aug '10 2:11:14 AM from SOME OBSCURE MEDIA
Probably trying to compete with the recent "basically his character from Superbad fightan zombies/Fightan Bad Guys."

edited 6th Aug '10 2:11:34 AM by JackMackerel

 119 Zets Uboa, Fri, 6th Aug '10 4:32:07 AM from Your mind, my friend.
The Green Jiggly
Hey, cool! Apparently, just before the movie comes out, there'll be a short on Adult Swim, about Scott's Vol. 2 flashback!

I am SO looking forward to this movie. Also, the interactive trailer was pretty fun.
...but if they used potatoes, that's another thing entirely!
Armond White has given this a positive review

There's a trope I'm looking for that should adequetely describe my confusion.

 121 Cleverdan, Wed, 11th Aug '10 3:14:59 PM from Your backyard
Well, he certainly needs to insult Quentin Tarantino more in that review of Scott Pilgrim. Because it fits in so well.
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 122 Jack Mackerel, Thu, 12th Aug '10 1:26:53 AM from SOME OBSCURE MEDIA
No, it just reminds me why he's a terrible reviewer.
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Saw it. Loved it. Never read the comics. Didn't matter.

 124 edvedd, Thu, 12th Aug '10 6:40:25 PM from At the boutique, dear. Relationship Status: We finish each other's sandwiches

I know you don't need another reason to see the film. But there's an awesome clip at the end of this interview and I really liked it. The last shot of Scott running up the stairs reminds me of No More Heroes. And of course, Scott flipping around like a motherf**ker.

edited 12th Aug '10 7:56:06 PM by edvedd

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(note: not "Invaders Must Die" or "Black Sheep"

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