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This forum is for general yacking, but with a difference. The threads here will be moderated to stay on topic and away from anything like a forum-game or meme-o-rama.

There's a rule about new threads that's specific to OTC: When a new thread is created, the mods are notified of it. Posting in the new thread isn't allowed until a mod has approved of the thread. A lot of trouble is avoided this way.

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There are some topics that have proven, over time and repeatedly, to be nothing but trouble. Threads made on these topics will not only not be opened for discussion, people who repeatedly try to start threads on these topics will be OTC blocked (meaning they will not be able to post in the OTC subforum at all.)

  • Abortion
  • Israel and Palestine (note: there is ONE approved topic for this subject, and it must remain civil)
  • Theism vs. atheism
  • Justifications for piracy
  • Paedophilia
  • Rape
  • Suicide
  • How humanity sucks, how life sucks, and/or about how we need to all kill ourselves or stop having children.
  • Topics made simply to collect expressions of outrage over something that cannot be reasonably regarded as anything but outrageous.
  • Arguments about which side has it worse, and which side is doing more oppression, in a given debate - men vs women, religion vs atheism, etc - are not a productive discussion, and in the absence of several independent and unbiased academic studies we probably won't have an answer that everyone would accept. If you want to participate in the Oppression Olympics you can do so on some other site.
  • Another tactic we don't want to see is Appeal to Worse Problems: declaring that the topic at hand isn't worth discussing because there's a similar one that you, personally, consider worse or more important. It's a logical fallacy because it assumes that someone can only be concerned with one thing at a time. It's a dirty debate tactic for the same reason.

Also, 'Link-Discuss' Opening posts mean that the thread will not be opened, no matter what the topic is. A 'link-discuss' OP is one that consists of a Link to something off the wiki (most often, but not always, a news story or editorial), and an instruction for follow-up posters to Discuss it.

Note: This list is not exhaustive, nor is it absolute. The moderation team will exercise appropriate judgement in each individual case.

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