Heterosexuals work under the Pareto Principle.:

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Society's gender roles does have a huge influence. If it were down to simple evolution, the 80% would have died out by now.

My mother is so mighty, she brought up me and my brother with the specific intention that after 3 billion years of Evolution, the blood-line ends.

Many men could easily get laid if they only understood that they could get laid. fits my pheremone theory: if you are getting lots of action, then women want you; if you have been a virgin for months, women don't want you.

How does the Pareto 80/20 apply to politics? k = 50 means anarchism which is unstable; k =20 fits parliamentary democracy which is more stable than k = 5 which means tyranny. A state where 20% want to maintain the status quo is more stable than when 95% want to overthrow it.

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I read a Cracked article once that said that women tend to have more varried tastes while men tend to have more narrow tastes, so it almost seems like this theory is backwards 0.o

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^^That can't be it. I masturbate regularly and women are still unattracted to me. If your theory was true, than this wouldn't make sense unless my body is somehow able to tell the difference between masturbation and sex on a physical level.
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