"Cuba Libre" and "Evita":

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One of my projects is inspired more-or-less by Andrew Lloyd Webber's musical Evita. Boiling down Evita to its essential elements, we have:

A poor girl from a backwater town dreams of glory and fame. She runs away from home accompanied by her lover, becomes an actress and eventually the most famous and controversial woman in her country after using every method possible to get there.

Adding "Her life is narrated by an observer who is highly implied to be Che Guevara" we get ALW's musical. Just my attempts at following Madrugada's advice.

Adding this:
Her future husband has created a clone of Che Guevara who eventually helps her to gain power
you have Cuba Libre.

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You've already started multiple threads about this project. No offense at all - I like what I've read of what you've written - but you should probably add this to one of them.
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Aussie Tolkien freak
[up] This is about me trying out the advice I was given. Not really about me writing it as such. I've been struggling with retellings for a long time.

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The road goes ever on.
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