Writing impulsive characters:

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Writing an impulsive, overly enthusiastic character. He's not stupid (he knows what he needs to do in the situation they're in) but he can be rather impulsive at times.

And I don't know how to write him without making him come off as an idiot, though.

Maybe have him do or say stupid shit and regret it bitterly afterward.
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Not all impulsive decisions are bad, though. In fact, that's part of why they're so dangerous...
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Just have him do what he does. Impulsive reads differently than stupid. Impulsive behaviour is predicated on acting without thinking ahead, not a total absence or smallness of thought. A stupid person might "think ahead," but their expectations are... well, stupid. An impulsive person simply acts.
You can show the benefits and not just the drawbacks of being impulsive. An impulsive character is more easily rallied to action and more ready to improvise when needed.
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