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Judging a Book by It's Cover Game:

 1 Prime of Perfection, Thu, 24th Jan '13 8:06:46 AM Relationship Status: P.S. I love you
It goes without say that we all cast judgments based upon first impressions. It can't be helped; we're predominately visual creatures. What's more, how we present ourselves conveys elements about us. Which brings us to this concept.

This game works as such: Each creator shares a depiction of one of their original characters. The poster below them passes judgment on them, making clear anything they feel towards the character's image, what type of character they appear to be, and why. Each poster can only judge one character at a time. If a picture features more than one character, the poster has to specify who to form assumptions about. After analyzing, they leave a picture for the next person to assess.

I'll start it off with this.
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