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So I have a short story that involves two vampire hunters and wanted to mix up the blood suckers a bit but not too much.

I was thinking about 'at-will' vampires. Simply put in order to be a vampire you need to want to be one in addition to the 'affliction' of being undead creature dependent on blood .

Obviously the easy way for a vampire to turn someone into one is wound them mortally and say: "Whelp, if you don't want to die. Better agree to being a vampire." However, because of this imposed rule any sustained personal resentment will cause them to lose their power and die.

I think doing this will also diffuse the 'I'm a dark and moody vampire woe is me~ My existence is so unfair~' and put more motivated individuals at the helm of being blood suckers.

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Just remember the thematic importance of vampires, and be creative. As in, don't just make them vamps in name and blood only, and don't just do a tired rehash. So you seem fine. Although vampires being romantic byronic folks has been a thing since Anne Rice, so good luck with that.
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Ha. Good point. Focused goal oriented vampires without clear alignment is my aim. I'm not changing much / any of the vampire lore otherwise. Shadow based magic is pretty standard fare for them.
All Heroes die. Some just more than others.
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If you're not changing much vamp lore, I advise you do some research on them, then. There are books that you don't have to read, but at least read the plot and theme stuff on wikipedia. I mean, you have Dracula, but you also have The Vampyre which predates Drac, I believe. Nosferatu is a more monstrous vampire, but still linked to sexuality so he should also be looked at.

Also you should probably decide if your vamps have a form change or not. I don't mean batform or anything, but frequently in visual mediums there will be obvious changes (Supernatural had retractable fangs, Buffy had "game faces"). Obviously books are not a visual medium, but it is part of vampireness world building, so it's something to consider.

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Mr AHR, you say "don't just make them vamps in name and blood only". I think there's also a case for trying to make the creatures as original as possible. The word "vampire" has various connotations in real life, but if a type of person were really discovered that has come back from the dead and drinks blood, you would call them a vampire no matter what other traits they had, and that leeway is what writers should take advantage of.
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If you want to be creative, that's one thing. If you want to make vampires, then there needs to be a damn good reason you're calling them that, and not something else.
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Given that a lot of what is deemed "Vampire Lore" is modern - the fatal effects of daylight are entirely due to a plagiarist trying to make the ending of his movie different from the story he pinched, the presence of fangs is also fairly modern - if you wrote them as they were originally believed to be (not dissimilar to Revenants of Western European folklore), modern audiences would scream that "they're too different from "real" vampires!"
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I guess the bullet points I'm aiming at is as follows:

  • They're undead humans.

  • They drink Blood.

  • Direct sunlight burns like fire, covered they survive with discomfort.

  • Vampirism is voluntary. As their desire to remain a vampire diminishes the closer they become to being a corpse. (I'm thinking there's a zombie stage in here, or they just revert to a mindless zombie rather than just dying.)

  • They have the ability to control lesser undead in direct relation to their mental capacity.

  • They have the ability to entrance the weak willed. But they cannot use this to convince humans to vampirism.

  • They can drink a victims blood without converting them. If they die from blood loss they will rise as a zombie.

Edit: The reason I wanted to diffuse the lamenting was to make them a bit more short story friendly. Read: Motivated. Manipulative. Driven.

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All Heroes die. Some just more than others.
Mr AHR, I believe I already gave a good reason. Wolf makes a good point too.
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And I already gave my point. There is no "right" answer to this, just opinions. If you disagree with me, that's fine, but if you're gonna slap a label on something, there needs to be a reason, and this [up][up] post indicates that it does indeed take vampire concepts and myths in mind. So everything's hunky dory.

Speaking of [up][up], it looks quite fine. The vampirism-voluntary thing is an interesting concept.

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