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26 TobiasDrake11th Dec 2013 03:16:16 PM from Colorado, USA , Relationship Status: She's holding a very large knife
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I would consider him more of an emperor. Monarchy is passed down by blood and features ideals such as the Divine Right to Rule, the idea that a specific bloodline and all members of it are inherently sacred.

The Overlord is the ruler of a nation with a strong expansionist policy, colonizing and conquering other countries and adding them to his own. This marks his nation as an Empire.
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27 MarqFJA11th Dec 2013 03:21:11 PM from Saudi Arabia , Relationship Status: Shipping fictional characters
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An empire (as in, a state ruled by an emperor) is a monarchy, though. And not all monarchies are hereditary or uphold "divine right to rule" (modern constitutional monarchies, anyone?), either; you can have elective monarchies, or even monarchies where succession is determined by which of the would-be successors wins/survives a battle to the death between them.

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28 Canid11711th Dec 2013 03:52:41 PM , Relationship Status: Hello, I love you
Yeah its an evil Empire.
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I think we need a Total War mod for this game. tongue That'd be fun!
30 Soble17th Jul 2015 12:32:18 PM , Relationship Status: Brewing the love potion
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Let this be a real thing.


It's funny, I picked up Overlord 2 a few weeks back and I'd said to myself, "There's no way they;re not going to revive this franchise in a few years, this is one of those open-ended universes were you could have a ridiculous amount of spin-offs and sequels."


Well shit.

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Something to do with time travel.
I'm gonna be honest, it kinda looks like Diablo with that camera angle.
It looks too much like Diablo. I mean, this series was pretty much Evil Pikmin, and that's why I loved it so much.
Three things I take away from that, in chronological order:

1. Was that a short stutter I saw in the TRAILER? Sure sounded like it was built in, not part of my computer.

2. I sure hope this thing is balanced for single player, because I don't do multiplayer very much.

I'm not seeing many minions.
They're there. I just went on the Steam page and read about it. Then pre-purchased for twenty bucks. So sweet!
I've started a replay of the first one with Raising Hell installed. We've got five days before the new one releases, so I'm going to see how far I can get.
Played through the first two tutorial missions. It's definitely still Overlord, and the minions are still mission critical. Beyond that all I can say is the story is humorous but lacks the charm of the others. Enemies no longer provide you souls, just loot. And there's a limit to how many souls you can hold of each kind. It starts at two and I'm guessing it goes up from there. I haven't hit a limit on how many minions you can summon at any given time, just how many souls you can store. Which you get from shooting special statues that are scattered about.

The minions themselves are JUST cute little tools you carry about with you. They don't gather shit to shove on their heads or poke things with. They still have quotes, but those were never cute enough on their own. Ultimately, beyond figuring out how to manage them so you don't have to backtrack for more souls, you really just don't give a shit about the little bastards.

And fights? They're not organic the way a lot of the fighting in the earlier games was. There's no "enemies naturally exist and respawn here" it's just running from one arena to another, fighting waves of enemies until the game decides you've done enough and rewards you with loot.

Not a bad game, but it's an amusement park version of the old ones so far. My only hope is that it's good enough to keep interest in the setting, while being disliked enough to make them take a second look at what made the others so good and try to follow those lines.

ETA: To be fair, the "bad" things I've noted do seem to fit the story. At least the part about the minions. The impression I got was that the minions found ancient evil ones from before minions became a staple for Evil. So the main character WOULDN'T care about minions. They're a means to the throne, plain and simple.

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Ugh the golden is hell, especially at the end of the tutorial stage where it pretty much just starts chewing through the area and you're stuck behind a gate that doesn't open until you kill all the enemies, who of course love to just hide in the golden.

Also, Reds are suicide bombers now, not ranged attacks. Ok.
Missile powers are definitely useful as Hell in this game, so the probable reason for the reds NOT being throwers this time around is because you could just spam the firebase tactic and not have to worry as much.

I can still do that as Malady anyway, so I don't NEED the reds to throw. It'd just be nice.
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