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Complimentary and Generational Pokemon Pokemon:

Just as the title implies. Name some Pokemon that are opposite yet similar. They can either be distaff/spear counterparts, day and night counterparts, "evil" and "good" counterparts or elemental counterparts. For generational Pokemon, I'm referring to how each generation has it's own "Pidgey" or "Pikachu".

I'll post some examples.

Gender counterparts: Milotic and Gyarados, Ninetales and Arcanine, Gardevoir and Gallade, Milktank and Tauros,

"Evil"-"Good": Dustox and Beautifly, Wurmple and Caterpie, Spearows and Pidgeys, Ladybas and Spineraks, Glameows vs Skittys,

Day-Night: Solrock and Lunatone, Espeon and Umbreon,

Elemental Counterparts: Groudon and Kyogre, Ho-Oh and Lugia, Reshiram and Zekrom, Palkia and Dialga,

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I'm just going to say the obvious "Darkrai and Cressaliea"
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Game counterparts: Mawile and Sableye.

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This one's not very obvious at first, but:

Gen VI Light and Dark (other than Xerneas and Yveltal)-Florges and Aegislash.

  • One evolves via Shiny Stone, the other by Dusk Stone. Both stones introduced in Gen IV.
  • One is Fairy, the other is Ghost.
  • 3 stages each.
  • Both have unique abilities, Flower Veil/Symbiosis and Stance Change.
  • Both of them technically have a BST over 550. Florges has 552 BST, Aegislash technically has 720 thanks to stance change.
  • Both of them have a ridiculously high Special Defense (154 and 150).
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