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Jonah Falcon
Anyone fans of the original Elite titles?

Elite: Dangerous is being Kickstartered.
Jonah Falcon
2 TamH706th Nov 2012 03:09:41 AM , Relationship Status: Faithful to 2D
I liked Elite. Never made it to that status though.
3 Psyclone6th Nov 2012 03:46:29 AM from Somewhere else
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No screenshots, no concept art, not even a pitch video. This project is literally "Hey, we made Elite. Give us 2 million dollars. (Come on! You gave more than that to Chris Roberts!)"

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4 Akalabth6th Nov 2012 03:59:11 AM from Ghost Planet , Relationship Status: Seeking boyfriend-free girl
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I'm a huge fan of Frontier Elite II. Played the hell out of this two-floppy wonder on my old PC. Never felt the same sense of liberty in a game again, except maybe Freespace, but even there it wasn't the same.

I had not even heard about that kickstarter project for a new Elite. Will probably chip in if there's some more stuff revealed because for now, just text is indeed pretty cheap.
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Jonah Falcon
Actually, screenies and videos are coming in a few. They also have a 60 day funding drive, so you can hold off a little (unless you want one of the limited reward tiers.)

284,476 pledged of 1,250,000 goal (close to $2M USD) with 58 days to go.

Yeah, this will get funded. Just a matter of how much.

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Jonah Falcon
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Jonah Falcon
Let's jump (alright, hyperspace) forward into post-Alpha 4.03 and onto Premium Beta:

If people haven't been catching up, they have gone a long day since their intitial reveal. I signed up for the Premium Beta so I can help out with the experience.
And I take it...nobody here is playing the regular Beta?[nja]
11 Nettacki17th Nov 2014 02:05:23 PM from Connected to my tube amp
12 TamH7020th Nov 2014 11:10:06 AM , Relationship Status: Faithful to 2D
Exit any plans I may have had of buying it.

Multiplayer, for me, belongs in World of Warcraft. I have zero interest in multiplayer only games outside of that genre. If I was playing Elite, I would want to be the person who's trying to get to that status, not compete with a bunch of other folks who may be better pilots than me.
13 Nettacki20th Nov 2014 03:11:15 PM from Connected to my tube amp
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Technically, there's still a single-player mode in there. It's just called "solo" mode and removes all other player ships, leaving only your's and whatever was generated by the game itself. It's just that it requires an internet connection instead of being allowed to play offline.
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I finally got into the swing of things. Hauling is boring as all get out, although it's supposed to be very lucrative. I've just been having more fun bounty hunting, to the point that I swapped out my Eagle for a Viper.
Announced for Xbox One.
17 SgtRicko4th May 2015 12:49:46 AM from Guam, USA , Relationship Status: Hounds of love are hunting
Was kinda hoping that link would've had a Cracked-like story explaining how the playerbase is performing these coups and "breaking" the game in ways the devs didn't expect. Unfortunately they only mention it as being a sort of benchmark. :/
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Xbox One version launched.

Can someone fix the title? It says Elite: Dangeous.

So dangerous is on for 15 USD ATM but I heard the expansion's coming out in a couple of weeks and will include the base game so I'm not too sure whether I should pick it up or not. Thoughts?
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So I'm reaching the 80-hour mark with this game now.

It's good. Tough sometimes, but good. I'm currently zipping around Hudson space in an Adder, trying to make back the money I lost in replacing combat ships.

Do any Tropers, especially new Commanders or Hudson/Winters pilots, want to wing up? I can set people up with Discord for voice comms and meet them around LHS 3447.
21 GutstheBerserker7th Sep 2016 01:28:15 PM from Haiti , Relationship Status: Drift compatible
Are any tropers still playing this game? I recently picked this up a Steam Sale and I gotta say: I've been loving it to the point of not playing anything else for a good week.

The rigourous, precise approach to space exploration was overwhelming at first, but you quickly learn to find your way around the various mechanics this game has to offer.

22 SgtRicko7th Sep 2016 07:52:24 PM from Guam, USA , Relationship Status: Hounds of love are hunting
What kind of rig are you using to run the game, Tuef? It looks neat, and I'm thinking about getting it.

After getting burned by No Man's Sky, I've heard a lot of folks say this is essentially what the space trading and dogfighting segments should've played like, sans the planetary ground exploration. Yet I've also heard how grindy it is, similar to EVE Online. The Steam user reviews are crap too; either you've got a guy with 100+ hours bitching about minute details and downvoting it, or guys with barely any hours praising it. What's your verdict?
Would you believe I never fully watched the original Indiana Jones trilogy? I gotta correct that someday.
23 TheGunheart7th Sep 2016 10:10:06 PM from on the street.
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I feel personally like it suffers heavily from Misaimed Realism. Combat's fun, but getting anywhere's a chore because the space flight is ridiculously detailed. Its a wonder why they even included a "time until arrival" counter since your speed and acceleration are affected by gravitational effects that are out of your control. And you've only got a tiny window of distance and speed to safely jump out of super cruise to your desired space station or planet, with no means to upgrade that window. Its ironically easier to travel between star systems than it is to travel within them.

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24 GutstheBerserker8th Sep 2016 07:03:34 AM from Haiti , Relationship Status: Drift compatible

Personally, it's those same minute details that made me instantly like this game. I have maybe a bit over 30 hours into the game right now. Yes it can be grindy if your goal is "get a better, more expensive ship", but I think that's the mistake some people are making.

Endlessly griding away at a repetitive task to make more money is really not fun, obviously. As you play the game, you will naturally earn more and more money so it never really felt like an issue for me.

It's the sort of slow, contemplative game that I play to relax. You can spend a couple of hours exploring and mining an asteroid belt. When you're bored of that, you can hop onto a fighter craft and go bounty hunting for a bit. When you get bored of that you can just fly around the galaxy enjoying the space porn.

There's a lot to do and I haven't done half of it yet.


Yeah, I can see how that will be a barrier to entry for some. It definetly was for me: I started playing the game but was so overwhelmed that I didn't touch it again for a couple of days. I decided to jump back in and learn the mechanics and I was glad I did.

Moving inside a system is indeed slower than launching yourself towards a different star and it's true that the approach process is precise, but it's much more forgiving than it appears.

If you overshoot a planet because you were going too fast and didn't have enough time to slow down....than you can just turn around and try again. After a while, you will intuitively learn when to start decelerating for your approach. Really makes you feel like you are becoming a badass space pilot.

Anyways, it's not a game for everyone, but I'm definetly liking it.

Two final things:

-Once you get used to the mechanics, the game's slow pace is really useful for listening to a podcast or music while you play and enjoy the space vistas.

-I picked up the Horizons expansion wich adds several new gameplay elements including planetary landings and exploration in a rover-type vehicle. It's really fun so far and I haven't even touched the rest of the expansion content.
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