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How'd you gain your Badass levels?:

 1 Redneck Rocker, Fri, 28th Sep '12 5:24:46 PM from None Of Your Business
First Loyalty: Yourself
First of all, mention the genre you exist in, and which archetype (if any) your character is. Then, let us know how you gained your fearsome reputation. I'll get things started:

GENRE: Superheroes (Archetype: Low-level Brick, approximately half Colossus' level)

So, it was during a mega time-travel based event, I accidentally got stranded during the times of Nordic conquest (praise Thor!). In order to stay alive, I had no choice but to learn from the locals. Eventually, some of my heroic allies managed to track me down and bring me home.

Unfortunately, due to the time-dilation effect, eight years had gone by for me, but back home, it'd been six months for them. Since a side effect of my powers is a slowed aging process (it's not immortality; some of the geniuses have determined that I'll just live a bit longer than I would've sans powers), those eight years aren't physically noticeable.

On a plus side, I did pick up quite a bit on weaponsmithing techniques, so occasionally, heroes who use archaic weapons (like Zato or the Huntsman) come to me for repairs or craftwork. Plus, I've started carrying archaic weapons when on the clock from time to time.
Embroiled in slave rebellion, I escaped crucifixion simply by declaring 'I am Vito', everyone else apparently being called 'Spartacus'.
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