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Sym-Bionic Titan and ThunderCats coming to Toonami on October 6th:


Doubt either show will get a new season, but it's better than nothing.

edited 26th Sep '12 6:27:27 PM by Zoroark69

Toonami has just been made good.
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Toonami has been good for a while now. Samurai 7, Casshern Sins, Eureka 7 and FMA:B are great shows. I'm OK with Thundercats and Titan joining their ranks, though.
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 4 Physical Stamina, Wed, 26th Sep '12 8:22:12 PM from a half-eaten cracker Relationship Status: Loves me...loves me not
I heard the second one sucked, but that's a whole 'nother bag of worms.
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 5 LOEADITO Ox, Thu, 27th Sep '12 7:44:38 AM from Anywhere xcept here
Question, is toonami his own channel, or a CN segment???
 6 Geostomp, Thu, 27th Sep '12 10:35:15 AM from Arkansas, USA Relationship Status: Complex: I'm real, she is imaginary
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[up]It replaces Adult Swim on Saturday nights.
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[up]It doesn't replace [adult swim], it's part of [adult swim]. You see the Station ID of Adult Swim throughout.

[up][up][up]Casshern is an acquired taste, and I wouldn't call it one of my favorites that's aired on Nunami. That'd be Deadman Wonderland.

edited 27th Sep '12 10:46:46 AM by Scherzo09

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WAAAAAAAAAAAAAIT........ old Thundercats, or new Thundercats?
What kind of a post is this??!~!!
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And there's another tooami thread in this forum.
These are the words that shall come from my mouth. I shall be known for speaking them.
Well, I'll be...
What kind of a post is this??!~!!
Well, 2 AM Titan is better than no Titan at all. I haven't seen an episode since it stopped airing on CN.

 12 Star Outlaw, Sat, 29th Sep '12 8:06:10 PM from Space Frontier
Time to roll the dice
first commercial:

 13 Beary Scary, Sun, 30th Sep '12 12:28:31 AM Relationship Status: Waiting for you *wink*
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So I take it the new Thundercats were cancelled? sad

 14 Star Outlaw, Sun, 30th Sep '12 7:04:38 AM from Space Frontier
Time to roll the dice
[up]It might be. It's on indefinite hiatus, which is almost as bad.

Another commercial:

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