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I'm looking for animated nostalgia:

I do not remember what year it was broadcast And I do not remember if it was series or a movie

A girl is trying to save her beloved from a witch's curse or something And somehow she got three magic nuts to pass three obstacles The first obstacle was a troll, or trolls guarding a bridge or blocking the road She opened one nut and a gold mountain filled the place the trolls went crazy for the gold and the girl could pass through I don't remember what the second obstacle was. The third obstacle was the witch The girl opened the last nut and a flute appeared in her hands She played a charming beautiful melody and defeat the witch.

Not sure if the nuts were nuts maybe it was something else and most of the story happened on a mountain please if you have a faint idea or even not sure let me know
 2 Pipping Fool, Mon, 24th Sep '12 6:22:16 AM from Sydney, The Vivid City Relationship Status: Getting away with murder
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 3 Known Unknown, Mon, 24th Sep '12 4:45:09 PM from Here. There. Everywhere.
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Just by reading that it sounds like a short folktale adaptation, probably a short animation (am I right?) which means... well... good luck. That could have been produced anywhere, lots of companies all over the world have done folklore adaptations.
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