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It's time for the second TV Tropes Halloween Avatar Contest, theme: cute monsters! Details and voting here.
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 76 Tarsen, Thu, 13th Sep '12 7:42:40 PM from FC: 2165-5763-7629 Relationship Status: Tsundere'ing
A little dry.
alright, PM me too please.
Pro Tip: Spiders are not technically insects, but actually skeletons made of congealed hate.
 77 Mukora, Thu, 13th Sep '12 8:10:45 PM from a place Relationship Status: Love is an open door
I don't think I can use chatrooms on my phone, but PM me anyway, please.
I'm interested
Or How I Stopped Worrying and Learned to Love The Moon's Eye Plan
 79 Steendy, Fri, 14th Sep '12 12:02:40 PM from where my heart desires
The King of Dreamers
I've sent all the passwords. The project will start on monday. Let's talk more on the chat grin

It doesn't mean will talk only through chat though. The thread will be used for reviews, screenshots, videos, showing your progress and other things.

edited 14th Sep '12 12:11:46 PM by Steendy

 80 danna 45, Sat, 15th Sep '12 2:10:35 AM from Wagnaria Relationship Status: GAR for Archer
Um, no Disgaea 4 on the list? Even though Disgaea 1-3 was there?
"And you must be Jonathan Joestar!" - Sue
 81 Steendy, Sat, 15th Sep '12 7:31:25 AM from where my heart desires
The King of Dreamers
Forgot about that o.o I'm gonna put it now.

EDIT: Done, thanks! Also added Xenoblade Chronicles and The Last Story, as they are good games.

edited 15th Sep '12 7:38:44 AM by Steendy

Hmm... I'm interested in this too. Please send me the information to me also in a PM.
"Always looking for a good MMORPG with infinite level-caps... Or a great community." A line said by me.
 83 Steendy, Sat, 15th Sep '12 6:05:05 PM from where my heart desires
The King of Dreamers
I'm on the chat if anyone wants to talk grin As you know, we'll begin 2 days from now on, so be prepared.evil grin

All-Around Aspirant
Man, and you forgot Hyperdimension Neptunia and Hyperdimension Neptunia mk2? Time for them to be aded to the big list.
How far will your twenty pesos go?
 85 danna 45, Sun, 16th Sep '12 7:19:56 AM from Wagnaria Relationship Status: GAR for Archer
I'm not sure they would count in the list..I mean, it's a list of "influential series of RPG"(was it? I think it was). Neptunia was good, but it wasn't...anything big(Unfortuntately).
"And you must be Jonathan Joestar!" - Sue
 86 Tarsen, Sun, 16th Sep '12 7:33:22 AM from FC: 2165-5763-7629 Relationship Status: Tsundere'ing
A little dry.
i think if we keep the list strictly to influential rpg's the list would be like a 100 games shorter.
Pro Tip: Spiders are not technically insects, but actually skeletons made of congealed hate.
 87 danna 45, Sun, 16th Sep '12 7:35:06 AM from Wagnaria Relationship Status: GAR for Archer
Hm, well, if you add an RPG game into the list, based solely on whether one of the games in its series was important/influential/big in some way, then I guess the list would be about the same size it currently is.

Also, please do add the chatroom link to the first post. makes it much easier for me and everyone else.
"And you must be Jonathan Joestar!" - Sue
 88 Steendy, Sun, 16th Sep '12 7:43:03 AM from where my heart desires
The King of Dreamers
I added all big series. Some are not that influential, but they are big and are considered good, so it would be bad to skip them.

I didn't added Neptunia because it's small and considered average. Haven't played it myself though.

I'll put the link to the chat room on the first post waii

Lunar: Dragon Song is a card battle based game, though still considered an RPG. I haven't played it but the general opinion seems to be low to mixed. Silver Star Story and probably Eternal Blue (in either the original Sega CD form or the PS1 remake) definately belong though.

 90 Steendy, Sun, 16th Sep '12 9:15:48 AM from where my heart desires
The King of Dreamers
Forgot another one... Thanks! For some reason I put The Silver Star but not the rest.

Guys, you already put more than four hundred games on this list. Plus, I'm Pretty Sure RPGS are the longest games in average ... That's just completely insane ... And like all things insane, I'd like to join in . Is there still room for one more guy ? o_

edited 16th Sep '12 1:22:37 PM by FokiasTheJester

 92 Steendy, Sun, 16th Sep '12 1:29:09 PM from where my heart desires
The King of Dreamers
Of course there is room grin. Anyone can join in, anytime. The more people, the better.[lol]

Rejoice, my comrades, for soon we will start this glorious quest!! We'll start as soon as everyone is ready.

Feel free to enter the chat and ask about any problems you might be having with making Akalabeth work.

Also we're still accepting suggestions about chaging the list. If you think there is any game that should be added or removed from the list, please post in the topic and explain why.
 94 Tarsen, Mon, 17th Sep '12 11:40:31 AM from FC: 2165-5763-7629 Relationship Status: Tsundere'ing
A little dry.
would like to suggest adding rogue galaxy to the list.
Pro Tip: Spiders are not technically insects, but actually skeletons made of congealed hate.
 95 Lemurian, Mon, 17th Sep '12 3:19:28 PM from Touhou fanboy attic Relationship Status: I won't say I'm in love
Okay, so I've been playing Akalabeth all afternoon, and here are the fates of my characters (the notable ones, at least).

Lemurian the Great was turned into a Lizardman by a Magic Amulet, but did not let that stop him. He was a very powerful warrior, and was tasked by Lord English to vanquish a Daemon. Lemurian the Great delved deep into the dungeons of the World of Doom, all the way to Level 11. He fought his way through Balrogs and other hellspawn, until he finally challenged the might Daemon. After an epic battle, Lemurian the Great was victorious, chopping the head of the demon off with an axe. However, following the battle, the monsters sent him through cleverly hidden trapdoors, so that he could not make it out in time. Lemurian the Great starved to death in the dark.

Lemurian the Wasteland Walker left his hometown with his weapon and a sack full of food. However, he walked the desolate wasteland of Akalabath for ages without being able to procure more food, and starved to death before ever meeting an enemy.

Lemurian the Unlucky had his only weapon stolen in a dungeon and was killed by a skeleton.

Lemurian the Survivor got his moniker from once falling down to Level Four and killing a band of thieves and their trained Vipers. He then fell down another trap and died.

Lemurian the Swift was young and rash, and quickly sought out the dungeon right near his hometown. Once there, he swiftly fell down a trap and got mauled to death by rats. He was as swift in life as in death.

Finally, Lemurian the Berserker was the child of a new time and sought adventure after hearing the epic tale of Grashtas Balboa, Fist of the Tiger Star. * On his first adventure, he had his Rapier stolen, so he decided to do like his hero and fight with his bare fist. He punched two Orks to death once when they surprised him after falling down a hole. Still, Lemurian the Berserker considered Orks worthy opponents, and fought them all with his bare hands, which impressed them greatly. This brave warrior had lived in hard times, and had an obsession with food. He carried with him massive amounts of food. When Lord English told him about the evil Gremlin that was stealing the food from all the villages, Lemurian the Berserker went at once. He hunted his prey to the fourth level, and after a long and arduous battle, he could finally pierce the monster's heart with his rapier. But without him knowing it, the Gremlin had been devouring all the food he had been carrying! Lemurian the Berserker starved to death in the dark, and the Orks mourned his passing.

...okay, so, this game is crazy fun once you get into it. The challenge is quite exhilarating, and despite the graphical limitations (and in the case of desperately searching for the way out of the dungeons, because of the graphical limitations) it really gets across the feeling of a desperate struggle for survival as you try to become a great warrior in the monster-infested

Come here, kids, and listen to the tale of the Grashtas family, a fine lineage of warriors, leading to one of the greatest warriors of this era.

Grashtas Dum'Hee the First, Also known as The Beggar , was, as his names hints, not a man of wealth. He left his village with the meager possession he had, seeking fortune and glory, only to find an endless desert. He walked forth, for days and nights... To no avail. And so he disappeared in the endless expanses of the desert, never to be seen again.

Grashtas Dum'Hee the Second, who history will remember as The Warrior, had been more lucky in his life, both financially and geographically. Unable to resist the call of adventure as his ancestor was, He delved in the first dungeon he could find. He finally met his demise at the hands of an horrible duo, an evil fellowship, the two partners in crime ... The Skeleton and his pet Rat. Faced with the boney abomination, Grashtas the second fought valiantly to the end, until his accomplice attacked! The roving rodent snuck up on him, and bit his ankles off. And so he collapsed, never to see the light of day again.

Grashtas Dum'Hee the Third never accepted his ancestor's death at the claws of such lowly, vile creatures. This is why he entered the dungeon himself, in search of revenge. He was ready to get these monsters to get a taste of his blade ... Until it got stolen. This is when he decided he could only trust a single weapon: The body he was born in. He then set out to cleanse the dungeon, room by room, armed only with his two fists. He finally caught the trail of the foul beasts that killed his elder ... And bashed their skulls in with a single right hook. When he finally got out of the dungeon, he was no longer the same... He was stronger and tougher than most humans could aspire to be. This is from then that he was known as Grashtas Balboa, Fist of the Tiger Star. His thirst for vengeance was satisfied, but his wanderlust was not. He then went in another dungeon, utterly annihilating everything on his path with his two hands ... And disappeared while falling in the lower levels of the dungeon. The legend says the Earth itself claimed his soul to serve as its guardian ...

So yeah, the game is pretty fun for now, here's a few tips to help you guys survive in here :
  • Get as much food as possible.
  • Get as much food as possible.
  • There are secret passages all around, which can only be seen as passages from one side . So yeah, lots of immaterial walls.
  • At character creation, you should get the best dexterity and stamina stats as possible. These are the most useful for survival.
  • Don't forget to get out of the dungeon often ! As you kill monsters, your maximum health increases, but you'll only get the benefits when you get out. That's how my third character suddenly went from 25 HP to 109!
  • Get as much food as possible.

Yeah, I think that's all for now ^^

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 97 Steendy, Mon, 17th Sep '12 5:37:15 PM from where my heart desires
The King of Dreamers
I'm really sorry, guys. I had to resolve a lot of unexpected problems today. Anyway, have a good game! I'll start Akalabeth tomorrow.

Really excited after reading your posts! grin I'll follow the footsteps of The Great Fist of the Tiger Star, Grashtas Balboa. I need to go to sleep now, just made a quick post so that you know I'm alive [lol]

The Ultimate RPG Project has officially began! Great warriors, let's talk about our legendary adventures on the tavern known as chatzy (What an unfitting name).

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 98 Tarsen, Tue, 18th Sep '12 1:10:50 AM from FC: 2165-5763-7629 Relationship Status: Tsundere'ing
A little dry.
btw people, slight tip with akalabeth: be a mage.

it helps tremendously to choose how you use a magic amulet.

also: stock up on magic amulets. they let you go up floors in dungeons (sometimes a necessity as there appears to be no way back up if you are unlucky enough) while this means you're stuck with the axe, the axe is more than sufficient at taking most enemies out, if you have enough dexterity i guess.

oh right and also useful if you run into a fucking balrog

edited 18th Sep '12 1:16:01 AM by Tarsen

Pro Tip: Spiders are not technically insects, but actually skeletons made of congealed hate.
 99 danna 45, Tue, 18th Sep '12 1:49:56 AM from Wagnaria Relationship Status: GAR for Archer
Alright, this's my outtake on the game.

1. Buttons are confusing at first. I was literally mashing my keyboard to find out which did what, but eventually figured them out. 2. Dungeons are HARD. Thieves are annoying, and money's hard to come by. 3. It's pretty fun, and faster than it looks. 4. Damn, I can't wait until we start Ultima 1...

Anyways, here's a small tale for you all to listen/read to.

Dannasterius the First was a young boy who aspired to be a hero. He traveled far and wide, looking for dungeons. Naively, he jumped into the first one he found. Needless to say, he encountered thieves, and almost lost his life. Using the last remaining bit of his energy, he ran back outside, and starved to death.

Dannasterius the Second was the First's reincarnation, born 30 years later. One day, the imperial court called for every man in the village. After some venturing towards the dungeons, escaping, killing the thieves, he reached the castle, where he received the mission to kill Gremlins(I think. Can't remember). He equipped himself with rapiers, and went back inside, where he was slain by the mighty Rat, that happened to have eaten his soul, preventing him from reincarnating, thus ending the legacy of Dannasterius.

edited 18th Sep '12 2:05:10 AM by danna45

"And you must be Jonathan Joestar!" - Sue
 100 Tarsen, Tue, 18th Sep '12 5:57:48 AM from FC: 2165-5763-7629 Relationship Status: Tsundere'ing
A little dry.
so...iirc, the quests generally go gremlin, mimic, daemon, balrog?

well my game seems to have glitched out and i cant get past the first quest (which was to kill a giant rat)

since giant rats havent worked ive just decided to move on and kill the above 4 enemies?

so far ive killed a gremlin and a mimic, and somehow even a daemon (i think i just had too much hp for it), still no change in the quest message.

so basically, unless it turns out theres a reason i cant progress with the quests or i die before i do it, once i beat a balrog, im just gonna go declare that a winner is me. ok?
Pro Tip: Spiders are not technically insects, but actually skeletons made of congealed hate.
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