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Hi everyone. Um, it's my very first post here, and as you could guess, I'm a little uneasy meeting all the other authors on this site, who probably spent many more hours looking around this site than I did, and who certainly know way better how everything works here.

So, let's cut to the chase. Since a year or so (even before knowing this site, actually), I've had this wacky idea, which just seemed like it would have been made by the Pitch Generator. It stands as those three words: "Goosebumps Meets Superheroes". Basically, the world of Goosebumps is altered forever when some multiuniversal meddling causes it to become more and more like a superhero comics, with some characters becoming superheroes depending on the story they appear in, and all original villains sudenly taking a level in dangerous. I kept working around that idea, using the plot descriptions from Blogger Beware and the often much more helpful trope descriptions here, and I think I ended up with very good characters, an interesting explanation for everything (or almost everything), and of course ideas to adapt every book of the first series into the superhero formula. The problem? It would be a huge task for a single person to write...

But before I go any further, I wanna know your thoughts on that idea.

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Sounds a bit like a callback to Attack of the Mutant from the original series. Don't know if you were going for that.
Well, the story basically goes this way: The Masked Mutant's irruption in the universe of Goosebumps has caused a universal transformation, which caused not only characters to become superheroes (gaining superpowers usually the same way they do in the original works, and other characters getting abilities related to the story they appeared in), but also the villains to become stronger.

Some one-time characters of the original series, like the genie/witch/reality-warper Clarissa from Be Careful What You Wish For, will gain importance, and will have a lot to do with their world's transformation. Each superhero will have one arc that explains their origin, and usually each of those arcs will be a re-telling of the original book.

Just like in many comics, there will be supervillain alliances or organizations. As an example, has anyone noticed there was an awful lot of androids, uncanny valleys and life imitators in the series? What if they were part of an organization? Same goes for the many aliens of the series, including those discovered to be aliens only through the twist ending. Finally, there will be also villains of a much higher level, like the Reality Police (from book Don't Go To Sleep!), which could be Well-Intentioned Extremists trying to bring the Goosebumps world back to normal... in a questionably violent manner.

Guess that's enough for this already lengthy post, huh? At least it served the purpose of explaining my idea with more depth than before.

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...another smart idea I got when building this story is that the protagonists (who would no more be tweens, but rather teenagers) would usually have either abilities like the ones they gain in the book they appear in, or have an ability related to the book they appeared in. All there's left to do is explore what can be done with those abilities.

As an example, Skipper Mathews (protagonist of Attack of the Masked Mutant) is flashed by a strange ray when he first enters the Mutant's HQ, and at the end it's revealed that this ray turned him into an ink-bleeding comics character. Well, he perfects his abilities to the point of using that ink and, say, change his body's consistence to become more liquid or solid, he can also streetch his anatomy (by making only a part of his body less solid), he can reattach limbs that were cut off him...

Another example: Margaret Brewer (from Stay Out of the Basement) never gains abilities in the book. But adaptation lets me change some elements; what if something happened in the basement (which is her father's laboratory to experiment with plant DNA spliced with living life forms), something that made her gain plant-based powers?

I also have one who's based on Tim Swanson (from Bad Hare Day). His only true superpower is to see through illusions. Other than that, all his abilities revolve around using a magical set of stage magic props, and he can use sometimes in awesome or wacky ways (as an example, pulling ridiculously long lines of handkerchiefss from his sleeves *almost like Spider-Man's spiderweb ability, except more colorful and not as sticky* to wrap the opponent with them and stop him from moving). The set comes with a Hammerspace hat.

Thinking of the characters' superpowers was probably one of the best tasks in the making of the story, as I could literally try to pit them against some of the villains and see how they could use these abilities to win. Sometimes the original books' twist endings are taken into account, other times they're igored (as an example, The Blob That Ate Everyone; that ending would make no sense in the adaptation. But the protagonist, however, might have an ability worth exploring as a hero.)

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By the way, should I add this idea to the Fanfic Recs section of the series' page?
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Fanfic Recs is for existing works you want people to check out, not ideas for stories. You're in the right place here.

What about the robot kids from Shocker on Shock Street?
The Wright kids? Their father would belong to the same group of roboticians able to literally go through the uncanny valley, making their creations to realistic that nobody can tell the difference. In the file I use to describe everything about the whole idea, only Erin decides to become a hero and help against villains, especially against that group of roboticians, since her father is part of that group, and she found papers describing their great plan.

Actually, after their father reprogrammed them, Erin found out she was a robot, but kept it hidden from others. So everyone else still think she's a human. That powerful electrocution at the end of A Shocker on Shock Street gave her the ability to manipulate elctricity. The discovery that she's a robot also let her use much better her circuits, and she can study machines to repair them easily, or tweak them so that they won't work properly if it belongs to a villain.

Needless to say, that other hero based on the character of Bad Hare Day can see that she's not made of flesh and bones...

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Actually, I'm doing this very samething for my comic book called Mr.Bigshot.

It's about a teenager named Jeremy Crow who is driving to the Wal-Mart in Wauseon, Ohio on October 31, 2006 at night to buy a basketball mask but stops his car when he sees what looks like a person running across the road. He gets out to look and sees a basketball mask. He picks it up and drives to his home in Bryan, Ohio. But the mask comes to life and attaches itself to his face. Then he talks to Jeremy inside his head and tells him that his name is James and he's running away from someone that wants to destroy him. When Jeremy gets home a stranger wearing a Hiei (Yu Yu Hakusho) costume tells him to take off the mask because it'll take over his body. Jeremy asks James in his mind if it's true and he tells him that it is and that now he's going to have to kill the stranger first and then kill Jeremy later. He takes control of Jeremy's body and attacks the stranger. The stranger tells that Jeremy can fight back because he's in his mind. Jeremy decides to fight back and taps into James' mind and steals his power. He wins and drives out James who gets away. The stranger tells Jeremy that his friend, Kyle Brackman and his friends are battling James' creator at the Wauseon Wal-Mart. Jeremy tells him that he's going. The stranger tells him that he should use a code name. Jeremy thinks about the nickname Kyle gave him and tells the stranger he's going to call himself Mr.Bigshot. After he gets to Wal-Mart, he has to battle werewolves from Wereolf Skin. After one hour, he takes the werewolf skins off and discovers that they're friends and cousins of Kyle being controlled by werewolf costumes brought to life by Slappy from Night of the Living Dummy II. They enter into the store after they put the skins into a garbage can. They free the others. Then Mr.Bigshot has to battle the Haunted Mask who took over Carly Beth while the others battle his henchmen. Mr.Bigshot wins the fight. A few months later he fights the creeps from Calling All Creeps.

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