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The boy harnesses the power of a core through a filter. It couldn't access the full power of the energy-dimension if tried. But I'll set some perimeters, or some sort of protocol to act as a restraining bolt.
To the law and for the good of man. All I need to live by.
These new fixes seem fairly acceptable. He's in.
I'm going to try to re do one of my two prevously rejected characters and a new one

Name: Owen Harris

Alias: Antihero


Age: 16

Apperarence: Tall, usually he dresses casualy,Short brown hair, brown eyes. In costume he wears a black muscle shirt, with black sweatpants, a black bandana over his hair and mouth and wearing a black mardigras mask.

Occupation: High school sophomore/ Volunteer for local orphanage

Personality: a caring individual, who while somewhat of an ass acts prptective of those weaker than himself, he has a severe aversion to authourity, largely due to his history.

Powers and abilities: Has the ability to become faster, stronger, more athletic, and have better reflexes than normal, when people are afraid.

Alignment: Chaotic good

History: He grew up in a bad part of Radio City where gang confrontations were frequent, Although nothing of any real interest happened to him until he was 5 years of age, when his father helped a man who was injured on the street. As soon as the man was well he took up Owen's father's gun and shot him dead. His wife stood in shock screaming until she was shot dead. Owen stood and stared with tears brimming in his eyes, the only word out of his mouth was "why?" to which the man replied " You stupid little boy, I'm a snake!"

Owen spent years in an orphanage afterwards where older kids frequently bullied the poor kid. Owen went to the men in charge about it but nothing was ever done. At the age of 12 he ran away trying to get back at the kind of men that put him in this situation, however being 12 he had very few resources and very little ability to do so. When he was 14 he got in deep wtih a gang and was chased by a member with a gun, he was however saved by a man who goes by the name Blood Knight. The two would become close friends in the following years. Eventually Owen would encounter a group of scientists who were looking for a way to fight the thugs who were tampering with their research, Owen immediatly agreed to help, so they gave him and experimental formula which gave him his power.

Real name: No one knows but him


Alias:Blood Knight

Alignment:Chaotic Neutral


Appearance: very tall, medium build, always in casual attire usually with a boulier hat. Brownish blond hair.

Occupation: anarchist

Personality: Generally he acts sociable, is very sarcastic, and never acts angry, he tends to be inactive until he gets pissed off.

Power: Is able to manipulate his blood into various weapons

History: No one is quite certain of his exact origins other than the fact that an infection gave him his powers, however he has been seen to have a very strange set of morals namely "you piss me off I ruin your life." He tends to look at Antihero as a younger brother, which is one of the few things other than a direct attack to himself that can draw him into action. If he feels that Owen is in trouble he will fight to help him. For whatever reason he doesn't believe heroism is the right path but he will not stop others from pursuing it. He has willingly commited crimes for his own benefit, he however only steals what he needs, and will not steal from poor people. He saved Owen Harris from a man with a gun 2 years ago, and two have been close friends since.

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