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Hey everyone, Tromma here. I came here to the forums to test out a new game of mine own creation, which I think could prove to be quite fun, if it's your cup of tea. I've only had my younger brother as a guinea pig for development, so now it's gonna take a crash course through all interested!

Warpaths is a TBS game designed to take a bit to play, so there'll be no limits to the amount of players that would like to play, and it can be played as soon as there are two players. It works like this:

The reason for the war is not determined, so basically your chopping and blowing up the other guys for being different. Hooray! You are a Commanding Officer (CO) for one or more battles on the field.

BLACK EMPIRE: The Black Empire is one of the two sides in the war. It's troops and buildings are predominantly, well black in uniform and color. They have no advantages over the...

WHITE ALLIANCE: ... which is nearly the same as the Black Empire, except they are pushing uphill as a resistance group, and have white troops. I am a member of this side.

Units range from everything between infantry to gunships, tanks to frigates, and mine-layers to battleships. Tech is required to unlock them. The uniqueness about it though is that you can create your own units! They can be created between battles using Victory Points (VP) to give that Laser Lobster an extra claw, or that Living Diarrhea Bomb some more damage to naval units. Each unit is unique to each side you fight for. Damage to each unit type and health is listed using stars on a 1-3 scale. It takes 2 hits to kill one point of health, however, while damage is cut in half once past the halfway point of health.

EX). One Infantry has One Naval damage star. To kill a Battleship, he'd have to shoot it 6 times consecutively, while it could kill him instantly.

Everything is bought with Resources, and is needed to research, build, and defend your bases. You tell me how you move your troops, and the world map and all individual battles taking place will be affected by what you command. You must remember to feed and house your troops, or else they will starve or have no place to rest, causing them to desert.

I will post and/or give to everyone a copy of the unit manifesto, and the warfield. If there are any difficulties with the rules, please, feel free to PM me, and I will clear it up and add it to this post as explanation.

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A play by post wargame? Consider me interested. However, it would be nice if you amended the base unit manifesto and rules to the main post. Is the game grid-based, hex-based, or circular/distance based? Do both side take turns, or submit orders and move simultaneously? How does supply work? Things like that.

Edit: And I suppose I'll be the first to join the Black Empire, while I'm at it.

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Bring me, a shrubbery!
Back from Cancun, will update thread accordingly, sorry!
Behold, the Central Processing Core, powered by thousands upon thousands of scurrying hamsters.
It's no problem at all. I'm just looking forward to seeing how this goes.
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Color me interested. Would need to see more rules and a unit list I think.
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Isn't it amazing, now I have princess wings!
Seems a bit slow-paced, but that suits my schedule quite well at the moment. I might be interested in giving this a whirl, if it's still going on.
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