A Little Wiki-Magic on the Trope Page for an Awesome Chao Fan-Fiction?:

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The [[Chaotic]] fan-fiction Of Men and Mugic already has a page, but it's a little bare bones. This fic's page needs some love! It's the longest story on the forum (over 150 chapters!), and the general consensus is that it's the most well written. I also want to make pages for the author's other fan-fiction, also on the same site, but this one should get worked on first.

EDIT: Dang it, messed up the topic title. Now people who want to see a Sonic fanfic will be disappointed.

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My brother goes on there, so I'll tell him about it. I don't care for it, because I'm not to fond of Trading Card Games.
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Thank you. Do you know his username there? And is he better at recognizing tropes than me? I'm terrible at it. -_-'
Came here thinking someone wrote an awesome fic starring Chao Lingshen. Was promptly disappointed. Goodbye.
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