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Warhammer 40,000 CRP - "Inquisitor Quest":

 1 Scott M 96, Tue, 10th Jul '12 7:10:08 PM from a field of dreams. Get RP Mod
Ordo Xenos Inquisitor
The Deliverance of Terra disengages from the warp entering the Praetian Sector for the first time. Deliverance is an Imperial Navy cruiser of Battlefleet Pacificus, the most powerful fleet in the Segmentum space. Such is your power as a member of the Inquisition, you were able to requisition it for your travel systemward.

Unfortunately, this ship is about the only resource you possess. Six months ago the heretic Orik put your career to the torch. Reputation lost, contacts murdered and retinue wiped out to a man. You were the only survivor, and those events only serve to remind you of how vulnerable your job makes you. The Praetian Sector is a chance to start your career afresh, full of opportunities and intrigue.

The captain of the ship, Uriel Varkas, approaches you from across the bridge.


“Captain.” You greet him in reply.

“We have arrived in the sector capital sir. Welcome to the system of Praetian Primus.”

“Very good.” You flash a thin smile to put the void-born at ease.

“Do you have any particular destination in mind?”


Option A: Praetia.
The capital world of the entire system, housing the Governor’s palace, the local Inquisitorial Conclave and various other headquarters. Arriving here would be unexpected for the locals, giving you the advantage in any inquiries you might have. On the flipside, your lack of resources may count against you.

Option B: “Warden”.
A space station of archeotech design, which has stood in the system since the days of the Horus Heresy. It is currently home to the 1st Praetian Rifles, an elite Imperial Guard regiment. Arriving here will allow you time to build up some allies, but you will lose the element of surprise when you arrive on Praetia.

Option C: New Mercury
The primary forge world in the system, hosting the area’s elite Mechanicus. The surface of the planet is volcanic, meaning that all industry is performed in low orbital stations. Arriving here will allow you time to build up some allies, but you will lose the element of surprise when you arrive on Praetia.



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