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Perks of Being a Wallflower:

So I realised that we don't have a topic for the upcoming Perks movie, which will be released in September. The trailer was released last night during the MTV Movie Awards, and I was wondering if anyone else was looking forward to it? I've not read the book yet, myself, but as soon as my exams are finished I'll be reading it. It looks pretty good though.
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 2 0dd 1, Mon, 4th Jun '12 3:21:13 AM from Nowhere Land
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Hated the book, but willing to give the movie a try. Still, my problem was with the story, which I found to be terribly done, and obviously the movie will have the same story, so...yeah.
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 3 wuggles, Mon, 4th Jun '12 9:11:41 AM from Miami, FL Relationship Status: [TOP SECRET]
I liked the book's story, my only problem was that Charlie seemed to be mentally challenged to me. I'm not trying to insult him or anything, he just seemed like he was autistic or something. I spent the whole book wondering when they were gonna reveal that he was slow. I honestly am kind of wondering how the movie will portray him.
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 4 0dd 1, Mon, 4th Jun '12 1:46:58 PM from Nowhere Land
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I think he was supposed to have some sort of mental disorder, but he was written so inconsistently that it could have just been that the author has never been a disaffected teenager. And lemme spell it out bluntly: Someone like Charlie wouldn't realistically able to get so many friends (as few as he had even) and so many girls interested in him. The more likely option is that he would end up the ignored kid eating lunch in the stairwell emotionlessly while maybe having one or two socially awkward friends rather than the social butterflies he managed to attract. Even the disaffected have their standards.
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Well, I've met many autistic people who are social and have their own circle of friends. So for Charlie to be so accepted is not that surprising to me. He also doesn't make friends with his peers. He makes friends with people older than him. So I think thats pretty realistic. I'm excited for this movie too.
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 6 0dd 1, Thu, 13th Sep '12 6:18:07 AM from Nowhere Land
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Like I said, I don't think he was written consistently enough to be given some diagnosis. I think it was just lazy writing.
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 7 cutewithoutthe, Thu, 13th Sep '12 6:03:00 PM Relationship Status: Star-crossed
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Haven't read the book yet, but judging from the trailer.... damn I am really excited for this movie!

The use of the music in the trailer was fantastic too.

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