How do I check my own posts? :

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Is there a page where I can link directly to my own posts to see if they have been answered? This is also to prevent from posting again the same posts or the same thread that has been locked and I just can't find where it has gone when I wasn't on the site (apologize for the double posting panty shot threads. I just thought I forgot to post it the first time).
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At the bottom of every page in the fora, there's an optino for "find posts by troper". Put your own handle in and you can find the posts you've made. Is that the kind of thing you're looking for?
Yes. It works. But it doesn't include my posts in the discussion pagessad Is there a way to check those too?
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Add the main page to your watchlist. The discussion page will then show on your watchlist whenever anyone adds a post (which may or may not be a response to your post).
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Doing a Google search using these terms will find your remarks in discussion pages:
HypercatZ site:

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