How can I write a story from different point of views?:

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Chapter 1. Chapter 2. I'm writing a romance story, and since I'm writing chapters from different point of views from each character, I would want to know how the reader can tell. How can I do that without making it confusing?

Also, how you describe the characters?

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The Kane Chronicles had two narrators *. Each chapter opens up with a Symbol above the title to indicate who's talking. You could do something like that.

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Thank you. I am writing this online, (say Fiction Press for example), so I wouldn't know how to do that other than place the names in the title.
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If you're going with first-person, there's cheap ways you could specify who's narrating. You could label the beginning of each chapter with who's speaking, like, "Chapter 1: The Beggining: Bob." Or something, depending on how creative you want to get with the font and placement.

Some people try to give every perspective a unique tone of voice, like a verbal tic or a stylized way of speaking. I don't suggest that, mostly because the reader could forget who says what and how, and it makes for a really rough beginning.
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