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Double Dragon revival in development by WayForward:

 26 Shirow Shirow, Sat, 22nd Sep '12 11:55:30 AM from Land of maple syrup Relationship Status: In Lesbians with you
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[up][up] Glad that bluelink got caught by someone. I work hard on those. [lol]

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 27 Schitzo, Sat, 22nd Sep '12 12:42:58 PM from Akumajou Dracula Relationship Status: I'm in love with my car
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Sad thing, too. The studio (same guys behind Maximo) had something completely different in mind before "appeal to western audience" priorities kicked in by you know who.
 28 Star Outlaw, Fri, 28th Sep '12 4:17:06 PM from Space Frontier
Time to roll the dice
Beat the game on Double Dragon Difficulty. So far the most useful tapes I've found are Training Wheels (which I maxed out), One Inch Punch and Spin Kick. I use Absorb when I'm running low on health. I want to use the other skills more, but I can't usually find a good use for most of them outside of combos.

One tip I recommend is using the environment when you can. Finding ways to knock enemies into pits and traps is very useful.
Balanced becomes absurdly good when you max it out. But you're right about Spin Kick, it's really good for both damage and interruption.

Also, that two player thing after the ending is really amusing. As much fun as this game is, it really shines when you've got a couple of friends over playing it with you, which is something I think affected most reviews. I doubt they had a buddy with them to mess around or make things easier.

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 30 Star Outlaw, Sat, 29th Sep '12 8:56:48 PM from Space Frontier
Time to roll the dice
I think some people have said that the negative reviews have driven away some potential buyers. They should really try the demo out. People really need to treat these beat-em ups more like fighting games because they use a lot of similar mechanics. There'splenty of depth, but some reviewers just don't want to bother looking for it. This is definitely not a button masher.

More tips; Bro Dozer causes a wall bounce and lets you juggle. I found this to be pretty useful against Abobo. Since he's so big, it's easy to hit him multiple times with Bro Dozer s he bounces around. It has some super armor too, which I believe One Inch Punch also shares. Oh, and Drgon Sawrm is probably the best skill for taking out the jet pack girls (Roxy).

Some DLC I would like: Extra stages, new costumes, the ability to play as some of the enemies, and Battle Toads.

I think Matt and Woolie have the best playthrough so far, and it is pretty informative:

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It looks like Wander Of The Dragons is still on and coming out on the 5th. Here's to hoping that they improved upon what was shown two years ago.

Keeper of the 90's
Honestly? I can't even see why they're still working on it. Unless they've done some major improvements since that old footage, Neon has this game beat. Not to mention that it looks a lot more... well, generic, I guess... than Neon does.

Then again, I never was really a huge DD fan until Neon, anyway, so I'm a little biased.
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Well the Double Dragon 2 remake came out and me and my brother tried a demo. The entire bit we played was laggy, the music is the most repetitive I've heard in any game, the graphics are mediocre, the Mooks felt generic, attacking feels simple, the artwork is bland, and the voices are so inaudible I wonder why they bothered.

But hey, at least it's not goofy. God forbid any game not taking itself seriously.
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 34 Schitzo, Sun, 14th Apr '13 12:20:35 PM from Akumajou Dracula Relationship Status: I'm in love with my car
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As this series isn't popular enough to warrant a proper thread with it's own name, I guess I'll use this as a general topic for the time being. That said:

what the fuck?
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