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 151 Septimus Heap, Sat, 16th Mar '13 3:49:21 AM from Zurich, Switzerland Relationship Status: Mu
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OK, so Sandbox.No Nudity Taboo is ready for launching but Sandbox.Casual Nudity needs examples. Apart from that, I assume it's all what needs to be done?

 152 Willbyr, Sat, 18th May '13 6:32:34 AM from North Little Rock, AR Relationship Status: Pining for the fjords
With Mod Hat On
Clock is set.
Why does No Nudity Taboo have noly anime examples? Is it going to be like Chaste Teens?

 154 blackcat, Thu, 23rd May '13 6:15:41 AM Relationship Status: A cockroach, nothing can kill it.
Locking due to inaction as requested.
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