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Crab was unsure of what group to join, and began to look at each group that was forming. He wanted a nice, quiet group, personally, but he doubted that would work out.
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Looking around Victor tried finding a team with good type-coverage so they wouldn´t have as few weaknesses as possible.
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— Georg looked around at the assembled 'mons, noting each kind and their state of preparedness. Beneath the sallet helm, his nose wrinkled at the sight of so many children present. While they could be useful later, for now he and the other more adult members of the group would no doubt be tasked with protecting them. His eyes were drawn back to the stage, where a Chatot was repeating the old mudfish's instructions word for word. All in all, it simply added detail to what his Alpha told him. The Pawniard did find the idea of just knocking sense into the afflicted Pokemon a bit puzzling, but saw no wrong in it otherwise. More monpower could only help.

While he listened, he began to notice the feeling of eyes boring into him from a distance. The pawn looked around the group again, trying to find the source. Then he looked down. An Aron. Sturdy, but too small to back that up with strength. The boy was glaring at him coldly, which puzzled Georg even more. Did his mother teach him to dislike the Packs? In return for the glare, Georg aimed his own stoic, hawk-eyed gaze.

— Melia yawned, silently drifting around the amphitheatre about an inch above the ground. The prospect of battling didn't exactly thrill her, not just for disliking fights in general, but for the idea that whatever these corrupted 'mons were, only a few of them were liable to be Normals. She'd been banged up plenty back during her "retirement", thank you very much. Still, there were lots of kids around, and it wouldn't do to let them get hurt. Talking of which...

On the off chance, she spied the unmistakable form of a Scyther, blades reasonably tucked away. The puzzling thing was she couldn't tell if it was male or female. The ghostly one drifted over, hands on her hips, with a scrutinising look.—

"Now, tincan over there's here on orders. What're you supposed to be here for? Just drifting?"

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"You were looking for me?" A quiet voice echoed out from nearby the Eevee family. Said voice belonged to the puppet that was acting as the subject of Hildegarde's ventriloquism, whose face remained impassive. At the shorter Hydreigon's side, Gozen was holding the parasol over her partner's head with a smile.
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As Natsu and Clarice went on ahead of the group, unsurprisingly they were the first to arrive at the Mystery Dungeon. Worrying Wood's exterior looked like a particularly close knit fence of trees that stretched in a perfect circular perimeter, many of which had strange scratch marks placed upon its bark. The most notable aesthetic however, was the wisps of darkly colored energies emanating from the place at irregular intervals, like fizzling sparks. It was definitely an unnatural event.

"S-so that's the Mystery Dungeon..." The Charmander said, her voice full of wonder. Her eyes were wandering around the entrance, she hesitantly wandered closer to the entrance... and suddenly flared up, an aurora of fire sparking from her mouth strings of silk struck at her from the dark entrance to the woods. Though she managed to burn a few of the strands, several more were anchored to her and dragging the struggling fire type closer towards to the entrance of the forest. "C-Clarice!" Natsu screamed out in alarm, scrabbling at the earth in a desperate attempt to anchor herself.

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Sasaki turned to face the incoming Drifblim, meeting her scrutinising look calmly. Who was this woman, to approach him in such a manner? Still, he could not be discourteous.

"I have come to volunteer my blades in the battle for the safeguarding of peace, madam. One can not stand idly by when people are in danger."
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