How come the search engine can show pics that don't appear on a page?:

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If you type a trope into the search engine, sometimes there will be a picture next to the page you're looking for that does not show up on either the page or the image tab by the page. Why is this?

How come the search engine displays these picture by the page it shows, but when you get to the trope, they're not there and you can't access them?

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I see the Awesomeness.
Google is weird?
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TV Tropes uses the Google search engine. It's a Google thing, not a TV Tropes thing.
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At some point in the past, the Google-bot spidered the page and found that image, which it associated with it in the arcane depths of Google's search database. It may be weeks or months before it gets visited again and notices that the image is gone.
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