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Is It Strange That..:

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I hate Adele (and appear to be the only person in the world to) but love Amy Winehouse? Their voices are pretty similar, and my reasoning for not liking Adele's music (other than it's way overhyped and overplayed, so I get way more than sick of hearing it) is because I think her voice is way too much "soul", and normally I don't really like those kind of voices. Plus, her songs are all just moping mope. She even said herself at the Grammy's the inspiration for "21" is just something that happens to everyone, "breakup rubbish".

So it's weird I like just about every Amy Winehouse song but Rehab. And even though Love Is a Losing Game and Wake Up Alone are just as depressing, for some reason I like those songs rather than be annoyed by the mopiness.
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