Godspell 2011 revival:

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Dat Troper
Anyone gone to see it? I'm dying to, but even if I manage it I probably won't get there before a cast switch. Hunter Parrish may be nothing like what you'd expect from Jesus in face or voice (yes, even in Godspell), but I'm still dying over his voice. And everyone else's.

Having heard the recordings on youtube, I think the only song I dislike at all is "Tower of Babel". Which is a shame because I've always loved it, but at least they used a really really interesting concept for it; it just didn't turn out well.
I saw it. Yeah, it was great—the stage was in the center of the theater with all the seats around it, which was odd but pretty cool. Nice use of lighting, too!
Dat Troper
WELP I just saw it and it was amazing, though it was with Corbon Bleu instead of Hunter Parrish and we got the (still quite talented and, as a bonus, ridiculouly hot) understudy for We Beseech Thee.

Also I got to hug Telly Leung.
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