Cuba releases thousands of prisoners:

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76 Nohbody31st Dec 2011 02:42:20 PM from Somewhere in Dixie , Relationship Status: Mu
"In distress", my ass.
And, really, as things currently are if a US citizen wanted to vacation in Cuba, for whatever reason, it's not like the embargo is going to be that much of an impediment. Just fly up to Canada or down to Mexico, and change to a non-US airline to make the trip. Americans tend to not be all that respectful of laws they dislike, after all.* tongue
Lifting the embargo won't really flood their market, since there'll likely be a bajillion tariffs in place anyway. But the increase in American tourism would definitely help the Cuban economy and heck, if it's a bunch of Americans coming over and complaining about their crappy healthcare and government, I doubt it'll be harmful to Cuban communists :P
78 AceofSpades1st Jan 2012 01:43:30 PM , Relationship Status: In Spades with myself
Eh, I figure that most of the American tourists will be Cuban immigrants flooding over in joy that they can see their families again without fear of one side or the other arresting them for something. Those guys probably don't use any airline to go to Cuba.
[up] So they swim??? I dont get it...Even if they use boats thats sort of the same as airlines.

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Baff, I get the feeling that sometimes you are deliberately missing the fucking point. Which in this case was, Cuban immigrants come here to stay because they think Cuba sucks, and can't exactly go back because they're illegal immigrants and seen as "deserters" back home. They don't go back to Cuba because there's far more than legal reasons why they can't. Though the legal reasons are numerous.
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I think people don't realise that it's so debilitating it makes you worse than communist countries.
While true, it's also a bit sad to think about it that way, IMO. I mean, such rights and equalities should be upheld because it's the right thing to do, not because it's "efficient". Ideally "it's the right thing to do" should be all argument necessary. But I know, we live in an imperfect world...

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A lot of people are just so apathetic to the suffering of others that you need to present arguements like that.
^^ These days I frame all my arguments in terms of real benefits for society. Otherwise people just fall back on ideology. Like people talking about deporting "foreigners" who commit a crime. They're "foreign" because they aren't white. Or when a government is expected to help its citizens, a person in China gets in trouble? Let's not help him because he's a "paper" Canadian (the person is ethnically Chinese thus not actually Canadian).


Err it's off-topic. Maybe you should make a new thread for this.

Where the fuck do you live that you actually hear people say that?
Eh, people like that try to hide behind anonymity (ie. the internet). There's plenty enough websites and traffic to those places, plus forum comments, blogs etc, to say that there is a percentage of people like that. That's not to say there's some kind of significant majority, I'm thinking more like significant "percentage" (like 1% would be pretty bad as is, and it's probably higher).

Deportation argument though is eeeeverywhere.

Oh thank god, I thought that you, like, lived in Vancouver or something, and you were recalling people's actual statements.

Man, fuck bitches like that, they screw up everything.
If I lived in Vancouver, I'd be busy talking about the police kicking my ass.

I'm really underinformed about my own country, I didn't know the Vancouver police had a reputation for brutality. I thought they were just your regular Canadian "sexually-assault-prisoners" cops.
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[up][up]That statement is inordinately funny to read a few minutes after having watched the Chris Rock show segment on "How Not To Get Your Ass Kicked By Police"

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Vancouver is really a great place except when the police teaser you to death on the airports.

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I will always cherish the chance of a new beggining.
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