Study Claims Shroud of Turin Could Not Have Been Faked:

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51 USAF71323rd Dec 2011 05:11:58 PM from the United States
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Meh. Whatever. Even if they prove its dating and prove that it isn't a fake, they're not gonna tie it to Jesus, so I'm not going to worry about it.
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Alright, now I want to know specifically how they determined that it wasn't faked through means available at the time,
That's the thing. They basically just declared "we can't figure out how to fake it, so it's real."
I've also heard that in the middle ages there were four genuine foreskins of Jesus Christ worshipped as relics. But that's anecdotal, I don't have a source or anything.

I actually saw this as a part of an exhibit put together by the Vatican Archives.

You can say what you want about the organization itself, but the Vatican Archives is one of the most massive and awe-inspiring collections on earth.
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Total posts: 53
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