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Report GSC shutting down, S.T.A.L.K.E.R. 2 canned:

Lord of Castamere
I never played S.T.A.L.K.E.R. (not interested in the genre) but I'm with Thorn on this as well. I can't say if the games used to be good or not and it doesn't matter, what matters is that MMORP Gs always have certain drawbacks (already mentioned in this thread) and they are a different type of game. It soulds like the same crap that happened when we didn't get KOTOR 3 and got TOR instead.

By the way, everyone please focus on the issue at hand, not on Thorn's negativity. As much as I disagree with him on some topics, him being "negative" does not mean he cannot be right. Complaining about complaining is not good and is Ad Hominem-ish.

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 152 Firebert, Wed, 25th Apr '12 1:12:02 PM from Somewhere in Illinois
That One Guy
A STALKER MMOFPS is better than a STALKER WOW clone, at least.
Jonah Falcon
We don't know if it's a true MMOFPS or a persistent mission-based online shooter.
Jonah Falcon
Jonah Falcon
Jonah Falcon
Wait, Fallout Online was actually released? I thought it was stuck in development *and* legal limbo?
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[up][up][up][up][up]Supposing that KOTOR 3 could be a success, and supposing that TOR was its "replacement"....

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Gunpla is amazing!

When it rains its pours.


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 158 Rocket Dude, Wed, 25th Apr '12 5:53:08 PM from AZ, United States
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Actually, that Kotaku article was updated to say that, officially, Sergei didn't sell the property.
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