Belgium Finally Has A Government:

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After 541 days of negotiation, a new government has formed under Elio de Rupo, a Walloon. He is the first Walloon Prime Minister in 38 years, and is the 2nd gay Head of Government in the World.

After this 1.5 year long fiasco, I can't imagine Belgium hold together for the rest of the century.
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Is not having a functioning government that much of a big deal?
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Well not for a country the size of Belgium as they've been function fine.
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Yes it is a big deal. Most of the people here are sane, and not Anarchist Black Blockers.


I'm not sure exactly what exactly the reduced capacity is in this case for only having a caretaker government, but the fact that it took so long for a coalition to form is a wall-banger.

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Serbia had the highest GDP and economic growth in the last twenty years during a 3-month period without a government in the beginning of 2004. tongue Belgium is actually a functioning country, though, so finally having a government is a great thing.
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Is this a 'yay' thing?

Well, good for the Belgians.

But this means they'll have to start focusing on governing, and not looking after their waffles and chocolates. tongue


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@Savage Heathen: There are, as you know, distinct differences between a lack of a government, anarchy and functional anarchy. While I have no problem with the last one, the first is generally a bit of a logistical problem when one, say, wants to perform a public work or service.
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Given that they were able to stay a relatively stable country this past year and a half, there was governing going on on some level. Certainly the local city governments didn't seem collapse, otherwise I think Belgium would have been on the news a lot more. Kind of weird that it took a year and a half to figure their shit out, but someone was running things while the discussions were taking place.
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Good news. Secession sucks.

Plus the second gay leader is a bonus.

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