Nuages de Violet (a Shared Story exercise):

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"Go for it," Melissa said to Tamara. Then she banged her gauntlet against a tree, causing the holographic computer to buzz back to life. "Finally," she muttered, waving away the usual series of error messages. "Personally," she said to Mizuki and Tamara, "I think lead's just fine for solving the world's myriad problems. But you wanna throw hoodoo at it, be my guest. Saves me some ammo." Then she examined her computer. "Alright, now this thing's working... huh, we got something, not too far away, southeast. Or maybe the sensors are on the fritz. Wouldn't be the first time."

Good night. Don't get Melissa killed while I sleep.
"Hang on a second..." Noah uttered, as he began searching through the wreckage of the plane. He retrieved a bag from what was left of one of the plane's overhead compartments. He opened it up, pulling out a sleek sword, with an engraving written in Latin, which was indistinguishable from a distance. He made his way back over to the group, while keeping the sword in its scabbard. "Just in case..."
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Total posts: 152
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