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[up] Meanwhile, there are studies showing that delta-THC causes schizophrenia, possibly induced in people predisposed with the disease (which makes it as dangerous as coffee, since there's a study out there somewhere that shows it causes cancer/something when taken by people with a certain gene). Though I didn't know about the anti-cancer properties of delta-THC.

Also, nicotine itself is carcinogenic? Learn something new everyday.

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427 DeviantBraeburn4th Sep 2012 11:38:03 PM from Dysfunctional California
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I never meant to imply that weed doesn't have any side effects.

"Also, nicotine itself is carcinogenic?"

This is still controversial, so it might not be true. However some recent studies beg to differ.

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There's a reason that a lot of people are moving to vaporizers for marijuana. It gives you a better smoother high without inhaling all the burning matter. It just makes the THC vaporize and not all the other stuff.
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[up][up] Well, I'm not implying that you're implying that marijuana has no side effects either. Just throwing out data.

Also, I'm not quite sure about the study that you've linked given that the amount of nicotine given is LD 50 dose, which is like proving water is poisonous by giving mice enough water to cause water poisoning, especially when the dose of nicotine given is enough to cause their hair to fall out.

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@Ira: I do know that nicotine is a fairly effective poison. They used to sell it as insecticide under the trade name Black Leaf 40 if memory serves. There's also enough nicotine in a handful of cigarette butts to kill a grown man; all you have to do is steep them in a coffee cup of hot water and down it.

Apparently PO Ws in WWII on both sides would use this as a suicide method in extremis.
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I know. But my point is that the studies shows that a close-to-lethal dose of nicotine causes cancer, which is pretty much useless as it is going to cause other problems (like killing you) in the first place due to dose alone.

What would have been useful is to find out how much nicotine is needed to cause cancer and compare that with its lethal dose.
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