Which Namespace should questionable content (porn) go into?:

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I'm attempting to make a page for the Japanese Gameshow porno series "Quiz Rape Shock" (think Who Wants To Be A Millionaire with a heaping dose of Japan's usual crack and a rollercoaster), but I can't figure out which namespace to put it under. Figuring out how to make a new page for it in the first place is confusing enough o_O Editting is a lot easier than making a new page here it seems.

I have an image (work-safe), descriptions, tropes in mind, etc, but I need to know how to put this together - it's my first time making a new page.
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There is no special namespace for Game Shows in general. Not at this time.

Use Main for now.

I don't think we have one for Live Action TV either.(which almost, if not all, would fall under anyway, then again, there's probably a few non-LAT versions)
If its a live action show, it goes in the Series/ namespace. Doesn't matter if its porn or what.
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What Discar said.

Live action TV shows go in the Series. namespace.
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Put it on the Explicit Content index as well.
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Should it go into series even if it's not an actual series?

What I mean by this is that it's not a television series. Seven were made between 2002 and 2008, released on DVD, it's kind of like a bunch of OV As in an anime in comparison.

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