Jill Stein and the Green Party 2012:

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It's a great 71 page pdf as a pdf!

Also. who will get the nomination (assuming no new candidates try to run and none of the drafting candidate committees get their candidates to run)?

Vote Easy test!

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I don't disagree with everything they say, but nuclear disarmament? Wouldn't that be a really stupid thing to do?
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It's in the foreign policy section, I think.
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[up]Yes, it is. Thanks!


At the start of a new century, we stand poised between the geopolitical conflict of East versus West; a future marked by the aftermath of the catastrophic events of September 11, 2001; the dangers of global terrorism; the U.S. led invasion of Afghanistan followed by the unprovoked invasion and occupation of Iraq; the esca- lation of conflict in the Middle East; and the continued research and development of nuclear weapons and the stockpiling of bio-chemical weapons. In the area of trade, third- and fourth-world economies and resources are being ravaged, and our own economy and job security undermined, by global corporatization which concentrates greater power in the hands of fewer interests who are unaccountable to the vast majority of the world’s people. As we overcome continued conflicts and violence we realize the difficulties inherent in encouraging democ- racy and of advancing the cause of peace. We face a more complex set of challenges in how our nation defines its national security. Greens support sustainable development and social and economic justice across the globe. Reducing militarism and reliance on arms policies is the key to progress toward collective security.

1. Foreign Policy—Peace and Disarmament

a. As one of the initiators and primary authors of the United Nations Charter, the United States is obligated to conform to the stipulations of the U.S. Constitu- tion, which identifies all such agreements as treaties that hold the authority of U.S. law. The U.S. govern- ment is pledged to abide by its principles and guide- lines in the conduct of foreign relations and affairs.

b. Werecognizeourgovernment’sobligationtotakedis- putes with other nations or foreign bodies to the U.N. Security Council and General Assembly forum for ne- gotiation and resolution. The U.N. and international laws, treaties and conventions that the U.S. has signed are the framework that controls U.S. military actions abroad.

c. The U.S.mustrecognizethesovereigntyofnation- states and their right of self-determination.

d. Werecognizeandsupporttherightofthe U.N.tointer- vene in a nation-state engaged in genocidal acts or in its persistent violation and denial of the human rights of an ethnic or religious group within its boundaries, and the right to protect the victims of such acts.

e. The U.S.isobligatedtorendermilitaryassistanceor service under U.N. command to enforce U.N. Security Council resolutions.

f. The U.S. must recognize and abide by the authority of the U.N. General Assembly to act in a crisis situation by passing a resolution under the Uniting for Peace Procedure when the U.N. Security Council is stale- mated by vetoes.

g. Weseekthepermanentrepealofthevetopowerenjoyed by the five permanent members of the U.N. Security Council.

h. Weurgeourgovernmenttosignthe International Crim- inal Court agreement and respect the authority of that institution. Green Party of the United States 10 2010 Platform


j. Our government does not have the right to justify pre- emptive invasion of another country on the grounds that the other country harbors, trains, equips and funds a terrorist cell. Our government should establish a policy to abolish nuclear weapons. It should set the conditions and schedule for fulfilling that goal by taking the following steps: Declare a no-first-strike policy. Declare a no-pre-emptive strike policy. Declare that the U.S. will never threaten or use a nuclear weapon, regardless of size, on a non-nuclear nation. Sign the Comprehensive Test Ban Treaty (CTBT). Our pledge to end testing will open the way for non-nuclear states to sign the Non-Proliferation Treaty (NPT), which has been held up by our refusal to sign the CTBT. Hon- or the conditions set in the NPT for nuclear nations. Reverse our withdrawal from the Anti-Ballistic Missile Treaty and honor its stipulations. End the research, testing and stockpiling of all nuclear weapons of any size. Dismantle all nuclear warheads from their missiles.

k. We urge our government to sign the Toronto treaty banning the production, stockpiling, use and sale of land mines, and assist other nations in unearthing and disabling land mines buried in their lands.

l. We urge our government to end all stockpiling of chem- ical and biological weapons and all research, use, and sale of such weapons; and sign the convention that will establish the decrease and inspection of all nations’ stockpiles of such weapons, which the U.S. abandoned.

m. The U.S. must allow foreign teams to visit the U.S. for verification purposes at least annually.

n. Ourdefensebudgethasincreasedoutofallproportion to any military threat to the United States, and to our domestic social, economic and environmental needs. The United States government must reduce our de- fense budget to half of its current size. The 2005 de- fense budget is estimated at around $425 billion, and that does not take into account military expenditures not placed under the defense budget.

o. The U.S.hasover700foreignmilitarybases.Weurge our government to phase out all bases not specifically functioning under a U.N. resolution to keep peace and bring home our troops stationed abroad, except for the military assigned to protect a U.S. embassy. Many of these bases are small and can be closed immediately. We advocate further reductions in U.S. foreign military bases at a rate of closure of 1/4 to 1/5 of their numbers every year.

p. Close the Western Hemisphere Institute for Security Cooperation, formerly known as the School of the Americas, in Ft. Benning, Georgia.

q. The U.S.isthelargestarmsselleranddealerintheworld. We urge our government to prohibit all arms sales to foreign nations and likewise prohibit grants to impov- erished and undemocratic nations unless the money is targeted on domestic, non-military needs. In addi- tion, grants to other nations may not be used to release their own funds for military purposes.

r. The U.S. must not be a conduit for defense contractors to market their products abroad and must shift our export market from arms to peaceful technology, in- dustrial and agricultural products, and education.

s. The U.S. must prohibit all covert actions used to influ- ence, de-stabilize or usurp the governments of other na- tions, and likewise prohibit the assassination of, or assistance in any form for the assassination of, foreign government officials.

t. We must build on the Earth Charter that came out of the 1992 U.N. environmental Earth Summit. New defini- tions of what constitutes real security between nations must be debated and adopted by the foreign policy community.

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  • June 20–22, 2011: Prohibition Party National Convention in Cullman, Alabama[16] Jack Fellure won the nomination.
  • October 14–16, 2011: 2011 Socialist Party USA National Convention held in Los Angeles,[17] Stewart Alexander won the nomination.[18]
  • April 18–21, 2012: 2012 Constitution Party National Convention to be held in Nashville, Tennessee[19][20]
  • May 4–6, 2012: 2012 Libertarian National Convention to be held in Las Vegas, Nevada[21][22]
  • June 2012: Americans Elect National Convention held over the internet[23]
  • July 13-15, 2012: Green National Convention to be held in Baltimore, Maryland[24]
  • August 27–30, 2012: 2012 Republican National Convention to be held in Tampa, Florida[25][26]
  • September 3–6, 2012: 2012 Democratic National Convention to be held in Charlotte, North Carolina[27]

GNC facts now posted. On July 13-15, 2012 we will find out whether Jill Stein or Kent Mesplay (or a draft candidate like Cynthia Mc Kinney or Winona La Duke) is the candidate!
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I wonder how many votes they would get if they banded together with independents and other smaller parties with the Single-Issue Wonk of getting rid of First Past The Post? Put aside their differences For The Greater Good.
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>implying a Green party matters
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There's a whole platform loaded with issues. Even if FPTP still existed like in Canada for example, they could NDP the Democrats ie become the second party thus making the Dems the spoilers of a Green victory rather than vice versa.
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Harley Mikkelson (Michigan) - Retired state employee, Vietnam War veteran & frequent candidate. Another candidate running!


  • Mike Ballantine (Pennsylvania/Vietnam) - Educator & "self-imposed exile" living in Vietnam.
  • Winona La Duke (Minnesota) - Native American activist, economist, writer and '96/'00 VP nominee.
  • Cynthia Mc Kinney (California) - Ex-Georgia Congresswoman, Ex-State Rep., College Professor and '08 Nominee.
  • Kent Mesplay (California) - Biomedical engineer, environmental activist, '04/'08 candidate & '06 US Sen. candidate.
  • Harley Mikkelson (Michigan) - Retired state employee, Vietnam War veteran & frequent candidate.
  • Jill Stein (Massachusetts) - Physician, progressive activist, author & '02/10 Governor nominee.

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The self imposed exile is a fucking joke. Who votes for someone who isn't even living in the country they're running for office in?
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Harley Mikkelson on the issues!

Here are some of my ideas on how to solve some of our country’s problems. I welcome feedback and I need support to continue this campaign. Please send me an email with your comments or questions and I hope expressing your support. Here are some specific things I advocate. Harley Mikkelson

Social Security/Medicare (Health Care): We need to maintain current Social Security benefits. Everyone should pay into the Social Security system on their total income. Medical costs are rising to fast; we need a single payer health care system to control these costs. Medicare should be expanded to cover everyone paid for by replacing the current 2.9% Medicare tax with an 8% tax with co pays and deductibles based on income. 

National Defense: Our military involvement in the Middle East has not made us safer, it has made us enemies. Every time a missile comes out of nowhere and kills an innocent person, we make several enemies and turn some of them into terrorists. We do not need soldiers in South Korea, Europe, or the Middle East. We could save hundreds of billions of dollars every year by bringing our soldiers and contractors home and using the money saved to rebuild our country. A strong economy keeps us safer than a strong military. Bring all our troops home now.

Jobs: We need to cut the work week down to 35 hours per week. The minimum wage for the first 35 hours worked per week should be increased to at least $10/hour and $20/hour for all hours worked over 35 hours a week.

Living conditions in our cities and towns: Our cities need to be made better places to live. Our cities and towns should become places where people can walk, bicycle, or take mass transit to work, shop, and entertainment facilities. We need more urban recreation areas, parks, and gardens. The existing city infrastructure must be improved. We should impose an immediate 10% tax on the wholesale price of fossil fuels to pay for these improvements and we should increase this tax by an additional 5% each year.

Our rural environment: We need to encourage local food production and sustainable agricultural. Large scale animal production operations need to be regulated as they have the potential to create large scale pollution problems. We need to limit agricultural subsidies to large producers and feed grain producers. We should impose a 10% tax on agricultural chemicals and non-organicfertilizers to fund the conversion to a more sustainable local agricultural system and we should increase this tax 5% each year.

Education: We need a longer school year with longer school days. Education needs to start at a younger age to ensure all of our children are given an equal opportunity to succeed. Our schools system needs to operate all day every day; children need to be in school instead of day care when their parents are working. We should use the money saved by bringing our troops home to hire a million new teachers.

Other Issues: Abortion must be legal, but we should do everything we can to prevent the need for abortions. Gays and lesbians should have the right to marry. Marijuana should be legalized like alcohol. Make all illegal immigrants legal and put them on a path towards citizenship.
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