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It's Not My Fault I'm Not Popular!:

Konata: - w -

This chapter was filled with even more Les Yay than the one before that. I'm begining to suspect (and slightly hope?) that this might end up as Yuri Genre.

That chapter was hilarious, Tomoko is such a huge pervert.

Tomoko's so adorably awkward. And damn perverted.
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 131 piccorotto, Thu, 17th Nov '11 6:36:55 PM from outer space, probably
Pretty sure it's aliens
Dahhhhh, I just want Tomoko to be happy.

Though yeah, that last page had me in stitches.

Gunpla is amazing!
Dat last page man.

Also, maybe there is something going on...? a_warui/c003/9.html

What Yuu says on the bottom.

 133 Recon 5, Fri, 18th Nov '11 10:44:40 PM from Southeast Asia
Avvie-free for life!
[up] Link doesn't seem to work. Page is still there when I navigate to it through it from the main index, though.

 134 Yamii Denryuu, Sat, 19th Nov '11 7:53:45 AM from You know, that place Relationship Status: Chocolate!
[up]It's because the link's long enough that the forum decides it needs to break it up to prevent the page from being stretched. Look for a hyphen and a space in the URL bar, remove them, and you're good.
Sam just... punched his own face and died in a marsh. And Pippin got lost, and Frodo was dead.
 136 burnpsy, Thu, 1st Dec '11 12:23:06 AM from Ontario, Canada Relationship Status: Abstaining
The Eternal Fool
Oh God, that can not end well.
I'm glasses.
Sometimes the cruel humor in a chapter will go too far and just make me pity Tomoko.

Not this time. I thought it was spot-on.
Always, somewhere, someone is fighting for you. As long as you remember them, you are not alone.
 138 asellus 111, Thu, 1st Dec '11 5:09:19 AM Relationship Status: Shipping fictional characters
Time to A - Rise
Well damn...

 139 Kayeka, Thu, 1st Dec '11 6:46:43 AM from Amsterdam Relationship Status: Brony
World's biggest wannabe
Oh, wow, that's actually pretty sad.
 140 ozaniel, Fri, 2nd Dec '11 12:24:02 PM from YeşilkŲy, İstanbul
This manga makes me laugh and feel sorry at the same time.
My hatoful Monster Girlfriend is the President Ecstasy: Higurashi After in Summer (All ages memorial edition)
 141 Bur, Fri, 2nd Dec '11 12:40:32 PM from Flyover Country Relationship Status: You cannot grasp the true form
I had to stop reading for a bit when she was trying to talk to the boys while caught in the rain. Oh god, I've so been there. [lol] Didn't go back for a couple days. That hit soooo close to home.

edited 2nd Dec '11 12:43:08 PM by Bur

Gunpla is amazing!
My heart ;-;

She is defining The Woobie in such a realistic way.

Also The group 'World Three' has released their scanlation for his chapter:ís-not-my-fault-that-iím-not-popular-ch-09/


Some things were translated differently in their version.

 144 Rocket Science, Sat, 3rd Dec '11 3:22:50 AM from a dark place
Not dead yet.
At first I was like [lol]

But then I was like sad

And then I was like D=

My reaction to that last scene probably summarizes my reaction to the entire manga. It's just so hilariously depressing ;__;
MAL || vndb || Blog
Honestly I don't how people can find it funny. Maybe it hit too close to home for me.
 147 ozaniel, Tue, 6th Dec '11 11:13:35 AM from YeşilkŲy, İstanbul
I think page quote should be:

It hits too close to home. - Several Tropers

What else can better explain this manga better?

edited 6th Dec '11 11:13:52 AM by ozaniel

My hatoful Monster Girlfriend is the President Ecstasy: Higurashi After in Summer (All ages memorial edition)
I'm glasses.
Good idea. Feel free to add it yourself. You know - by editing. Why do I keep having to tell people this is a wiki?

edited 6th Dec '11 12:15:01 PM by Sporkaganza

Always, somewhere, someone is fighting for you. As long as you remember them, you are not alone.
I went ahead and added it.
MAL || vndb || Blog
Gunpla is amazing!
New chapter is out and being cleaned up by /a/

Only 6 chapters but...whew boy. You thought the panties incident was embarrassing....

Although its kind of cute that she has no idea what a erm...ahem..."massager" does.

edited 14th Dec '11 7:26:12 PM by Thorn14

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