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Beware The Batman
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Beware The Batman:

 26 Moe Dantes, Sun, 16th Oct '11 1:15:32 AM from the Land of Classics
cuter, cuddlier Edmond
Why can't the Flash, Green Lantern or Blue Beetle get their own cartoons?

The OP's link actually said a Green Lantern cartoon was in the works.
Hey, more Batman is good Batman. Keep it up!

[up]I'd go for an Aquaman cartoon if the bottom scene were included.

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 29 Kerrah, Sun, 16th Oct '11 1:36:29 AM from Helsinki, Finland
Pure cuteness
Batman prints money.

The executites are going to hire someone to make a crappy Batman cartoon if these people don't agree to make a Batman cartoon after Batman cartoon. They're trying new things in an attempt to keep it from going stale.

Blame the system, not the people.

Also, Green Lantern: The Animated Series is coming out soon. Do your research before whining.
Knowing is growing.
 30 Moe Dantes, Sun, 16th Oct '11 2:05:19 AM from the Land of Classics
cuter, cuddlier Edmond
It would be funny if they intentionally made it bad just so it would fail.
 31 Known Unknown, Sun, 16th Oct '11 3:23:00 AM from Here. There. Everywhere.
Fresh For 2014
I'd love another Flash series - though it is far too late now, after seeing Flash and Substance I really hoped there would be a DCAU Flash show.

I was, however, content with the older one after I found full episodes of it.
"My final prayer: O my body, always make me a man who questions!" — Frantz Fanon
 32 Napoleon De Cheese, Sun, 16th Oct '11 6:30:37 AM from Valencia, Venezuela
The live action Flash series was surprisingly good.
Haters gonna hate, apologists gonna make apologies up.
I get that they're trying to do something different here, but it feels like overkill. We've yet to see a batman cartoon with a good chunk of his supporting cast. I want to see Damien Wayne. I want to see Stephanie Brown. I want to see Cassandra Cain. I want to see Oracle in a non flash forward sequence. I want to see a Tim Drake who isn't actually Jason Todd. None of these have received a proper animated showing and while they admittedly could show up here, but the press release implies his main help is going to be Katnna and a gun toting Alfred.

Seriously Katana has no place being Batman's sidekick when we have media starved Cassandra Cain.

 34 Napoleon De Cheese, Sun, 16th Oct '11 8:05:43 AM from Valencia, Venezuela
I wouldn't be shocked if they made Katana a Composite Character and name her Cassandra Cain.
Haters gonna hate, apologists gonna make apologies up.
 35 Moe Dantes, Sun, 16th Oct '11 9:50:47 AM from the Land of Classics
cuter, cuddlier Edmond
They should do an animated miniseries based on No Man's Land. That was a pretty decent novel.

... Who is Cassandra Cain, again?

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 36 dmysta 3000, Sun, 16th Oct '11 10:56:08 AM from New York and New Jersey Relationship Status: Don't hug me; I'm scared

 37 Known Unknown, Sun, 16th Oct '11 11:29:37 AM from Here. There. Everywhere.
Fresh For 2014
Wasn't Cassandra Cain in No Man's Land?
"My final prayer: O my body, always make me a man who questions!" — Frantz Fanon
 38 Zeromaeus, Sun, 16th Oct '11 11:49:02 AM from Neo Arcadia
Mighty No. 51345
Ok, I admit I didn't know there was a Green Lantern show in the works, but I don't think I was really whining...
More just... disappointed that there aren't many more DC based cartoons than just Batman Batman Batman.
Especially since characters like The Flash, Plastic Man and the like just seem to be made for animation.
Yes, I know about the failed Plastic Man pilot.
Mega Man fanatic extraordinaire
 39 Napoleon De Cheese, Sun, 16th Oct '11 12:40:39 PM from Valencia, Venezuela
[up][up] As a matter of fact, she debuted there.
Haters gonna hate, apologists gonna make apologies up.
As someone else said, Batman prints money. Everyone knows who he is and he's popular, so they have a leg up just slapping his name on something (which I would postulate was the reason for Brave and the Bold — team up a lot of lesser-knowns with Batman). Superman is hard for 'em to get a bead on for the usually cited reasons — too powerful and too moral (and if you make him significantly less powerful, or less moral, or both, you will hear about it, loudly and often, from the fandom). I say do a Superman series set in All Star Superman continutiy, but that's just me. I'm all for giving stuff a chance, but I don't have high hopes when just a one sentence description of a show has me groaning quite so much...
Second banana
I wouldn't be shocked if they made Katana a Composite Character and name her Cassandra Cain.
That was my guess/hope too. If you have to introduce a new character from old comics, make it a twofer!
"Doorknobs: not actually that long a period of historical significance."
 42 Actually Comma, Mon, 17th Oct '11 2:23:55 AM from a mysterious place
I am making sense!
The thing is

1) Batman: TAS (and the rest of the DCAU) was a definitive take on Batman

2) Any new Batman animated series will have to do something to distinguish itself from BTAS

Therefore, any new Batman animated series is in a trap where they're basically forced to do it wrong. Brave and the Bold even cornered the market on wacky, fun Batman. Gun-wielding Alfred and Sword Chick is the only thing left. The next Batman show will have to re-imagine him a robot from Atlantis who fights pollution with a team of psychic elves from the future, just to stay fresh.
Except [condescending response follows]. Because [sarcasm here]. You do understand [snark], right? POTHOLE TO SARCASM MODE
Shortpacked sums up exactly how I feel about the amounts of nerd rage aimed at this show.

(Granted, they were right about The Batman )

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 44 Known Unknown, Mon, 17th Oct '11 8:05:49 AM from Here. There. Everywhere.
Fresh For 2014
^ Awesome.

The Batman suffered from what I like to call "First Season Stigma." The first season was the weakest season, and people who tuned in early were likelier to get the idea the show was bad than people who tuned in later. The show pretty much went up a rank the moment Clayface was introduced.

Teen Titans had a similar effect, though in that case it's not exactly that the first season was bad, but that it was... weird.
"My final prayer: O my body, always make me a man who questions!" — Frantz Fanon
I'd say at least some of the skepticism is justified. I actually thought that The Batman had a really cool concept (essentially an Ultimate Universe that's less realistic & more sci-fi), though unfortunately its even-numbered seasons were pretty bad. I could go for an action Alfred, but doing so with guns feels wrong and Katana seems like a misguided attempt to get in on the ninja fad.

[up][up][up]Not really. If we're going by animation alone, The Batman has aged much better than Btas. It's the scripts and the tone that make it not as good as the other Batman series. It has some definite highs though (Clayface, The Penguin, The movie) But it is very uneven.

[up][up][up][up] Btas is a definitive batman series. So is Batb. So are the Nolan movies. So is the Adam West series. So is The Dark Knight Returns. As long as he's a crime fighter sworn to avenging his parent's death by striking fear into that superstitious, cowardly lot, then it's definitive, because "vigilante with a bat motif." is such a flexible idea that it really works well in just about any story you could think of. It's just as true to the character to see him busting up organized crime on the streets of Gotham City as it is to see him battling Darkseid on the planet Apokolips or wearing a gorilla suit and being menaced by space tentacles. I know this goes against what I said earlier, but there is no such thing as "Running low on Batman stories".

but I still want to see a modern era batman show.

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 47 Moe Dantes, Mon, 17th Oct '11 9:07:36 AM from the Land of Classics
cuter, cuddlier Edmond
Wasn't Cassandra Cain in No Man's Land?

Yeah i think she was. It's been so long since I read it that some parts kinda escaped me.
 48 Napoleon De Cheese, Mon, 17th Oct '11 10:20:19 AM from Valencia, Venezuela
That Shortpacked comic proves you shouldn't try to fight Strawman Criticism with Strawman Support.
Haters gonna hate, apologists gonna make apologies up.
 49 Geostomp, Mon, 17th Oct '11 10:26:38 AM from Arkansas, USA Relationship Status: Complex: I'm real, she is imaginary
In the name of the POWER, I will punish you!
I really wish that they'd make another Superman series or something instead of yet another Batman cartoon. Just so that they'd remember that they have characters not related to Batman that are actually interesting.
"When you do things right, people won't be sure you've done anything at all" Futurama, Godfellas
YMMV, but I find Batman far more interesting than Superman. Of course, they're welcome to try another series; it'd probably be worth seeing.

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