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This place sounds like a good place. I know some of you already know this site, unlike me who found this place just now.
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3 MadassAlex25th Sep 2011 09:35:06 AM from the Middle Ages.
I am vexed!
Life In Medieval Crusader States


Although I'm finding the user contributions about swords and their use a little troublesome. The continued use of terms such as "broadsword" says a lot when it comes to this kind of thing.

EDIT: And then you get comments like "polearms were pretty useless in single combat". -_-

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[up] I think YOU need to contribute to that site, because I don't know about them, but you sound like the more informed professional on this matter.

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5 MadassAlex26th Sep 2011 10:55:58 AM from the Middle Ages.
I am vexed!
Thanks. :3

I would, but most of those sword questions are years old; the damage is essentially done.
6 Merlo26th Sep 2011 05:21:31 PM from the masochist chamber
It's somewhat strange and amusing how violent many of the questions are.
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