Looking for feedback on a Doctor Who/Evangelion crossover fic:

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Starts here: http://www.fanfiction.net/s/7366113/1/Shinji_and_the_Doctor

One-liner: One day, fourteen-year-old Shinji Ikari meets a very odd man who calls himself the Doctor on the Tokyo-3 Loop Line. Unfortunately, there's something *else* on the train with them...

My first attempt at a prose story in years. Was trying to go for both Nightmare Fuel and Moment of Heartwarming; would like people's opinions on whether or not I made it work. Thanks for your time.
Updated the outline at the end. As I figure these are two fandoms without a whole lot of overlap... well, most conventions I've been to aside... I'm wondering if there's even an audience for this kind of thing. Leave a review if you're interested in where the story is going.
I'm not really a fan of either series, and I'm a lousy critic. So I can't help you with some things. tongue

However, I love a well - written crossover, so I read chapter 1 and it sure kept me glued to the page. Your spelling and grammar is excellent, and the description of the action is very well detailed. cool
I say it's badass. Ten (I assume this is Ten, right?) is perfectly in-character for how you'd imagine he'd act upon being introduced to the Eva-verse. It'll be fun to see how he deals with the Angels.
Yep. It's Ten.
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Really clever. A bit of a slow start, but overall the writing seems pretty tight. It helps that this is the sort of off-the-wall concept I'm drawn to in fiction, whether it be fan or original.
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I read only the first chapter, but it's interesting enough that I will find some time later to read it.

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I'm tempted to shout "BRILLIANT!" and wave my metaphorical arms around, but that's probably because I'm still on FF.net standards, where having consistently good grammar and punctuation, far from being a basic requirement, puts you in the top ten percent. Nonetheless, it's quite good. I know nothing about Doctor Who, nor do I know all that much about canon Evangelion; it's one of those series that I know entirely from fanfic. So I can't really comment on the characterizations of any of the characters, even the Eva ones, since most of the fanfic starts from completely throwing out Shinji's character, at least. I love the style and I really want to read more, so count your potential audience at at least one.

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Ye gods, you must have started writing on FF.net about when it was founded. When was that, anyway?

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The late Triassic, I believe.
[up][up]According to The Other Wiki, 1998.
[up]There were dinosaurs in 1998, weren't there?
/* Ye gods, you must have started writing on FF.net about when it was founded. When was that, anyway? */

:) I'm far, far older than I'm really comfortable with. Let's just leave it at that.

Thank you all for reading. It's much appreciated.
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Anyway, looks like I've got a lot of reading to do...
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