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101 Hobgoblin21st Aug 2011 06:36:18 PM from Spira , Relationship Status: Maxing my social links
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Xehanort actually got beaten pretty badly by Terra in the resulting boss fight...which was pretty weird.
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Well damn. Maybe I better get a PSP after all...
Coded is there to make money. Only the Secret Ending for Re:Coded is important and you can watch that on Youtube. 358/2 Days explains a couple of small things, but not much else.

In-game for BBS Terra beating Xehanort in physical prowess is non-canon. Hell Xehanort is a weak boss, but I'm not sure he was really trying.

[up] BBS is a must have and is much funner than any of the KH games. It helps explain tons of shit too.

@Despait How much do you know about BBS ?

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104 Hobgoblin21st Aug 2011 06:39:42 PM from Spira , Relationship Status: Maxing my social links
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Xehanort hits you with mountains and streams of Keyblades and melts your armor.

Then he decides to hold back for your benefit.
Gameplay and Story Segragation.

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Then the story is some bull compared to the game <_<;

Uhm, read the basic synopsis for the 3 spin offs at one point or another, as well as the tropes page here and a few of the pages at the KH wikia. So I know the general premises/story but nothing too in depth.
Whoops. Nevermind MX did do all that when you fight him. Maybe MX tried to keep the Terra Hulk at bay until Van and Ventus could forge the X-Blade because Terra was so effin' strong.

[up] You should watch the 358/2 Days cutscenes. There's so few that it shouldn't take very long, but for BBS I strongly suggest that if you ever get a PSP to get this game.

Don't bother with Re:Coded if you want story. Only watch the Secret Ending.

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Zack: ~Hugs Booky~ Can I adopt you ?


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[up]I dunno, you'd have a bunch of legal stuff and I'm 14, so... tongue
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Well I'm an adult in America so all I gotta do is bribe your parents to drop you off at an orphanage of my choosing. That should be easy. Soon your last name shall be Fair.

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Book Fair? lulz

Heather Fair does not sound cool. sad
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@Despair [lol] I can't believe I missed that.

Heather! That's a pretty name!

Heather Fair actually sounds pretty good to my ears. We can do this Japanese style and then you can be Fair Heather.

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Interesting, but still no. tongue

Thank you for the compliment, however. o3o
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@Booky ~hands you a pile of gold~ How bout now ?

I can use my alter ego's name and you can be either Heather Darkness or just Heather No Name.

[up] Just to let you know I was not hitting on you. >__>


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117 Hobgoblin21st Aug 2011 07:55:10 PM from Spira , Relationship Status: Maxing my social links
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And so this thread succumbed to derails and Zack's flirting.
[up][up]If you handed me a pile of gold, then the value would decrease, right? So it wouldn't be as valuable. tongue Also, I didn't think you were flirting with me until you told me you weren't.

Also, those names are crazy silly. tongue

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>__< Not flirting.

[up][up] Besides this was meant to be a Kingdom Hearts Derail thread.

[up] I really wasn't though. I really do think Heather is a nice name.

@Booky You're so stubborn. I'll get you one of these days.

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[up]Thanks. smile

Also, hey I'm listening to a sad VG track.

Can you guess what it is?
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121 Serenitas21st Aug 2011 08:34:16 PM , Relationship Status: Shipping fictional characters
lmao bye
There are far too many of those in the KH series.

I'll just leave this here:

someday we will foresee obstacles
Kingdom Hearts is really cool! 8]
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So we had to make a second Kingdom Hearts thread? Hunh.
"badass" doesn't anything in after used end fail be fine.
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[up][up]And it's also light. And darkness. And nothingness.

Actually, I don't even know what it is. >:|
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@Legionnaire T___T I guess I'll have to change that second goal to hit on girls less rather than stop.

Keep it up, tough guy. You'll leave in a bag.

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