On HIV and Blood Donation:

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126 Kino2nd Oct 2011 09:36:39 AM , Relationship Status: Californicating
Meh, I don't see why you'd be surprised by this point.
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Yeah, I really didn't get that from USAF's post. He was agreeing with my post in a sarcastic fashion, I think.
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128 USAF7132nd Oct 2011 10:06:24 AM from the United States
I changed accounts.
[up] Yes. The rationale from the fundies will probably be something along those lines: that it's somehow "different" for homosexuals.
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I understood you anyway.
130 Lanceleoghauni2nd Oct 2011 12:02:49 PM from Z or R Twice , Relationship Status: In my bunk
That's what I thought you meant.
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Opposed example: Romanian regulations for blood donors (issued by Ministry of Public Health) state the conditions for a blood donor are: to be of legal age (over 18), to be in good health outside blood/circulatory system (ex. no pulmonary diseases), to have blood pressure in the normal range and that blood donation should not be a risk for the donor's life or health - that means pregnant women or women who had just given birth, people over 62 or below a body weight of 50kgs and people who had already donated in the last 60 days are banned.

Reason: any blood will be tested for HIV, hepatitis A/B/C and other germs just after donation and if contaminated should be discarded.
132 Lawyerdude13th Dec 2011 03:20:00 PM from my secret moon base
I also remember that one of the questions asks if you've ever taken money or drugs for sex, or had sex with somebody who has. I found it funny that they specifically say, "money or drugs" instead of "anything of value". I imagined somebody who could legitimately say, "Never money or drugs. But I do always put out if he pays for dinner, and I let him put it wherever he wants if we have lobster," and not be disqualified.

But that's just my evil mind.
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[up]i don't imagine many hookers do though.

also, back to the OP, it's believed that HIV was introduced in north america through the gay community and has a statistically higher prevalence among gay males than the overall population. sucks but it's true. a gay guy might have MORE reason to wear a condom than a straight guy, but they usually don't because there's no risk of pregnancy...
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