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FinalFantasyIV and FinalFantasyVI are related.:

 1 Handsome Rob, Mon, 8th Aug '11 7:17:57 PM from A very angry place Relationship Status: I made a point to burn all of the photographs
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So I was thinking about both these games, and have found some ways to actually tie them together.

At the end of Final Fantasy VI, The Magic Goes Away quite literally, as the death of Kefka causes magic to disappear from the world. I read a fanfic however that proposed an interesting idea: namely that just like how energy cannot be destroyed, Magic cannot either. In fact the fic was a Final fantasy 4 / 6 crossover, where it turns out the magical energy from the world of 6 travelled to 4.

I took this a step further, theorizing that the espers did not die at all, but no longer able to live in the world of Final fantasy 6, travelled through the void into the world of 4, for a new beginning. They formed stronger ties with humanity through the summoners in hopes of preventing the previous disaster that was the War of the Magi, and renamed themselves Eidolons (or alternatively, their original name of espers was somehow corrupted into Eidolon)

And there we go. Who knows. I also like to think that Terra and Rydia are related somehow mostly due to their hair colour, (but that only works if you ignore that Terra is supposed to be blonde, which I do).

So what do you guys think? Awesome theory, or AWESOME THEORY?!
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 2 Kinkajou, Tue, 9th Aug '11 6:56:45 AM from you're not your
We Do Not Sow
There's also a couple links to FFV you forgot there:

  • Odin can be defeated in FFV through Break. How do you encounter Odin in FFVI?
  • Gogo sent him/her/itself to the FFVI world instead of the Void.
  • It's likely that the FFVI world is the last Gilgamesh encounters, given how he turns into Magicite and all.
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VI is IV backwards!!!! Gasp—there must be a connection between 9 and 11 too!
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 4 Handsome Rob, Fri, 12th Aug '11 7:42:33 PM from A very angry place Relationship Status: I made a point to burn all of the photographs
Scary little bugger

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No, I'm not a Zombie, they piss me off.
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