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The Playstation Vita:

How do we not have a thread about this? this thing looks amazing! full backwards compatibility (unlike the psp go, ugh, what a failure) (research has corrected me on this, it doesnt support UMD's just digital.), dual touchscreens plus two analogs like everyone has been screaming for, two cameras, one microphone on it and sixaxis control... this thing is loaded with inputs.

wikipedia's article on it

Official Website

and the trailer:

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 2 Beorc, Fri, 22nd Jul '11 10:02:35 AM from hither and yon Relationship Status: I know
Ridley and Ridley
full backwards compatibility

I thought it didn't have a disk drive? If this is true I may have to rethink getting one of these...although the only games announced for it that I'm somewhat interested in right now are Little Big Planet and Sound Shapes.
Welcome to th:|
well like any system, the first few games on release aren't usually triple A blockbusters, more just games showcasing the software itself. if there is a triple A game on release date, it's usually a port.

and yes, curse my pathetic researching skills, it doesnt have UMD support D= just digital.

you know, you would think they would release some software to turn your UMD collection digital by now.
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 4 Folt, Wed, 14th Sep '11 5:08:21 AM from Hollow Bastion! >=D
Warlock Necromancer

Thought you guys wanted to know.

It will also have a remake of Final Fantasy X sometime.

I found no info on the western launch titles.
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actually there is old thread ( but seem anybody dont care sad

actually since we close to launch, new thread is better so i approve this cool
 6 Folt, Wed, 14th Sep '11 5:22:19 AM from Hollow Bastion! >=D
Warlock Necromancer
[up] This was the only thread that came up when I wrote Playstation Vita into the search box, and I had completely forgot about that old thread.

The battery life and lack of games that I want is going to make me sit this one out until it has enough games that I know I want. Looks like my PSP will get some play time still.

edited 14th Sep '11 5:25:20 AM by Folt

Fantastic Supreme ‹berkaiser Emperor Folt of The Infinity and Beyond" ... "The First"!
Gonna wait for stuff like Disgaea 3 to come out. And even then I might still hold out until I have at least seven games I really wanna play, maybe.

Basically, what I'm doing with the 3DS right now.

 8 Komodin, Wed, 14th Sep '11 7:40:04 AM from Somewhere in Windy Hill Zone Relationship Status: [TOP SECRET]
The Sonic Wiki Curator
I must say, the system looks pretty awesome. It needs more platformers, though.
I've already got this thing pre-ordered. There's a goodly number of announced games that interest me, and I never owned a PSP, so there's the entire PSN back catalogue of PSP games for consumption. And besides, Gravity Daze, oh God, Gravity Daze. Me wanty.

 10 Kostya, Wed, 14th Sep '11 1:23:33 PM from Everywhere
The Razruchityel
I've heard rumors about some kind of thing that allows the Vita to import information from UM Ds.

Does anyone know if this requires a PSP? I never got one and I want to get a Vita but some of the games I want are UMD only.

@fillerdude it's lounch title

@Kostya: no sure they will do it.
 12 dmysta 3000, Thu, 15th Sep '11 4:20:48 AM from New York and New Jersey Relationship Status: Don't hug me; I'm scared
New trailer for Gravity Daze

 13 neobowman, Thu, 15th Sep '11 5:16:08 AM from Unidentified Proxy Relationship Status: Tsundere'ing
つ ◕_◕ ༽つ HELIX
They ****ing better have a way to change UMD to digital. I bought Duodecim, they better be lettin me play it.

 14 Beorc, Fri, 16th Sep '11 6:26:28 AM from hither and yon Relationship Status: I know
Ridley and Ridley
So far, the only titles that have me interested that aren't ports, remakes, or updates are Gravity Daze and New Little King's Story...are there any other Vita games still waiting to be announced at TGS? Personally I was hoping for a little more from Square Enix, but as far as I know the only confirmed game they're making for the Vita right now is Final Fantasy X HD.
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[up] you should see this cool


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 16 dmysta 3000, Fri, 16th Sep '11 11:22:53 AM from New York and New Jersey Relationship Status: Don't hug me; I'm scared
Uncharted: Golden Abyss TGS trailer

If you wanted to know how Drake sounds like in Japanese...

 18 dmysta 3000, Fri, 16th Sep '11 2:24:40 PM from New York and New Jersey Relationship Status: Don't hug me; I'm scared
Sony is making an optinal External battery for the PSVita wich will extend the battery life to 9-12 hours.

Also its been confirmed that the PS Vita will be region free.

edited 16th Sep '11 3:48:36 PM by dmysta3000

i say holy shit surprisedsurprisedsurprisedsurprised

gets mad about videogames

day 1 buy.

 21 Tsunde Ray, Sun, 18th Sep '11 11:57:36 PM from Santa Clara, California
Glad to see that Sony learned their lession with UMDs.

However, that rear touchpad is gonna puzzle me forever or until I find a really good use for it.

With that said, I'll be waiting for more details on DJMAX Technika, the new CAVE shooter, and Persona 4 Ultimate.
Gunpla is amazing!
My theory is it will act like a trigger button at times.

Think about it. Your middle finger should be on the back, so you can tap that to hit a button there.

Also did anyone upload God Eater 2's trailer? missed it.

 23 Enkufka, Mon, 19th Sep '11 1:34:41 AM from Bay of White fish
Wandering Student ಠ_ಠ
It'll probably be one of those things that seems counterintuitive at first and then works out so incredibly well we won't know how we got along without it.

The only things keeping me from buying this are the inevitable price-tag, the rather poor battery life, and the lack of umd support.
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[up]The price is set to be the same as the 3DS's launch price and the battery life can be expand by buying an add-on for the console.

 25 Folt, Mon, 19th Sep '11 2:57:51 AM from Hollow Bastion! >=D
Warlock Necromancer
[up] So pretty much like the 3DS then.
Fantastic Supreme ‹berkaiser Emperor Folt of The Infinity and Beyond" ... "The First"!
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