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Possible endgame scenario: The Cartels take out Gus. Walt takes over, Walt f's everything up, the Cartels take out Walt.

On another topic, I'm getting sick of people elsewhere taking the "Walt becomes Scarface" line as a step-by-step set in stone plan. This is in reference to the show being called "Mr. Chips turns into Scarface." Thing is, Walt was never really Mr. Chips to begin with (I read the book and saw the movie). So just because Vince Gilligan says "Chips to Scarface," I don't think we're going to see Walt in a swimming pool-sized bathtub any time soon.
Well, maybe the Cartels will hold off on killing Gus for a while. That guy has titanium balls the size of watermelons.

I just realized something. All three of Jesse's friends, despite being insignificant in and of themselves, have influenced Walt's business/the plot in very major ways.

  • Skinny Pete introduced Jesse to Tuco. Which led to the unpleasantness with Tuco and "Heisenberg" becoming the #1 target of the Cartels.
  • Badger's run-in with the police led Walt to Saul Goodman and eventually Gus.
  • Combo's death is, ironically, the thing that both formed and ruined Walt's working relationship with Gus. And there's the RV he stole.

Is there a trope for this? "Insignificant character moves plot in significant way."
The friendship is over.sad
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Yeah, that was some falling out, and when Jesse was asking for help no less.

Then again, you can't expect anything else from Walt, King of Assholes.
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I was cheering so hard for Jesse to beat him down. I have grown to hate Walt, which I think is the point. He's such an idiot. He's now lost the one person who was interested in keeping him alive.
I'm glad Walt had a Heel Realization. Too bad it's too late now that Jesse and Mike and Gus are gonna be bros.
Gus is a Badass, but did he assume that throwing up the poison would be completely effective?

Even with last week's episode, I had a feeling that Walt and Jesse's relationship wouldn't end so easily (yeah, really!). The events in Mexico + Walt's remorse could force the two to try to work things out especially if Mike and Gus succumb.

The universe is telling Ted Beneke to pay back his taxes. At the same time it's telling Skyler that all of the men in her life are completely hopeless.

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[up] I think he assumed it was his only course of action....he did not want to live and be a pawn of the cartel. Of course we'll have to see what happens now.
[up] In the T Vw/oPity forum, they mentioned that those things that Gus ingested before the meeting were pellets of activated charcoal. So I suppose he did assume he would survive.

This show didn't ruin bells for me, like it did many others. It did however, ruin Zafiro Anejo (I can't do tildes on this keyboard) tequila, since my dad loves that stuff.

On the B-plot: I wish people (in-universe) would give Saul more respect. He may be a sleazeball, but he's a competent sleazeball. After all, he was absolutely right that the inheritance ploy would bite them in the ass. Skyler really had no reason to interfere in the money laundering system Saul set up other than to appease her own control-freak tendencies.

Unfired Chekhov's Guns: The ricin (of course), Walt's .38 and Saul's "off the grid" contingency plan.
Gus gets more and more bad ass. I'm a bit split on how I feel about him, though. His slaying of Victor was outright psychotic it seems like it could have been avoided. It's also still possible that he ordered the hit on Tomas. I really hope they go back and shed more light on exactly what happened with Tomas' death. The whole thing precipitated a lot of fallout between Walt and Gus and we have no way to be 100% sure that Tomas was shot by Gus' men.

Any thoughts on what Gus was up to in Chile?
Either way the show is extremely exciting. I can't wait to get my tv and internet in my new house. Does anyone have any preferences on dish tv or direc tv?
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Wham Episode, much? SERIOUSLY OH MY GOD
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Fuuuuuuuuuuuucccckkkkkkk!!!!!! My heart can't take these end of season episodes!
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Yeah, a Breaking Bad season pretty much starts out loud, goes quiet, and then all of a sudden HOLY SHIT WHAT THE FUCK IS THAT SOUND IN MY EARS I CAN'T TAKE THE SUSPENSE
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wild mass guessWalt is going to use the last of the money to get the rest of his family out and go on the offensive. Take everyone out with science.wild mass guess
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That's what I think the trailer afterwards was showing. Walt laughing was him going apeshit.

I'm sorry, Gus. But you've made Walt snap. And when Walt snaps, people die.
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He is the danger!
Walt has a Light Yagami moment.

As for Ted's death it didn't seem fitting for me. It was a cop out.

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Holy shit.
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You know, I really hope we see the return of the assertive Season 2-Season 3 Walt. The White Collar Punch Clock Villainy really softened him up, and I want him to become the Danger. You know, like was advertised.
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Did anyone notice that Walt's "death cough" has made a comeback?
That... may have been the most terrifying end of a television show I've ever seen.

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I'll be honest, I'm not shocked that we're all in agreement as to the "Holy Shit!" Quotient of that episode. It was a Perfect Storm building up for the past few episodes.

And man was the storm violent.

BTW, Emmys? Bryan Cranston called.

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[up]x7 Ted's death was a cop out, which is why I hope he survive long enough to make things complicated but not unsolvable. His fingers twitched, hopefully that means something.
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I couldn't help but laugh when Ted went and killed himself. Idiot. But not a laughter any where near...

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