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Kara no Shoujo:

Now that I think about it, there's one other thing that's been bothering me. You know the bad end where Mizuhara goes nuts? What's up with that anyway? What's actually happening? I completely could not comprehend the narrative at all.

She starts deluding herself into thinking that she's Kuchiki. That's it, really.
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I'm pretty sure I saw another Toko towards the end... so was that Kuchiki Toko? Which became Mizuhara Toko which 'became' Kuchiki Toko? How did the accident repeat itself with such uncanny similarity (that Mizuhara was experiencing and feeling the same things as Kuchiki did)?

I wonder why it's a bad end anyway. I mean, Mizuhara is just a minor character, supporting if I'm feeling charitable. If dying doesn't end the narrative, why should going mad end it? I mean, it's not like the narrative gave me cause to care about what happens to her.

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the answer is simple:for the same reason Yu-No managed to get a hentai OVA as well(and it even got an uncensored english release...the only material related to Yu-No that got an official english release...).And believe me:just like Kara no Shoujo, the story got completely messed up in the OV As

Thank goodness we finaly have a patch(which does much more than just translate)that shows us why Yu-No's game is considered a masterpiece in the genre.
Some news on Kara no Shoujo 2.
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The premise that Touko is up and doing shit while Reiji is actually searching for her proper rather than mulling over the philosophical ramifications of a picture of a bird is already enough to make me excited.

[up]Hopefully this one will make it to the west (Don't care which way, but it would be amazing if it were licensed like the first)

Read this one a long time ago (almost as soon as it got released, IIRC). I usually don't like works that keep a dark atmosfere all the way through, but I liked this one. I dunno, I think it was the setting and characters that kept me reading it.

Oh, speaking of characters: Tojiko ;_;
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