Should we rename this trope?: Nietzsche Wannabe

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Well apparently the reason why the Friedrich Nietzsche character tropes (the aforementioned Nietzsche Wannabe and Ubermensch pages) got locked is because it attracts actual wannabes posting their own ranty interpretation of Nietzsche. I think this actually needs to be renamed. First of all, Nietzsche was never a nihilist, he did not encourage nihilism. Second, the description distinguishing the Trope Namer from the wannabe was removed (by Fast Eddie). Third, it does not sound neutral enough: a title like "The Nihilist" would be more appropriate. Besides, most characters here don't even know Nietzsche! Of course, this would mean removal of the more literal examples, like Those Wacky Nazis.

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I am fundamentally opposed to any attempt to make any trope "generic", the semi-obscure names we gave tropes are much more fascinating and attention-grabbing than a simple descriptive title.

How's this: Note that Friedrich Nietzsche was not a nihilist, however his writing was incredibly vague and often contradictory (such as the page quote), leading some to mistakenly believe him to be one.

Oh, and he did believe that humanity had to make a purpose for itself.
Well I had to admit "The nihilist", though it meshes well with related tropes like "The Philosopher", is too bland. But, the description on how the trope got its name got removed, on the basis that the page itself is getting ranty, hence the confusion.

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At the very least, adding "contrast The Anti-Nihilist" might help matters. I'd say go ahead and call it The Nihilist because having to put up disclaimers is just fueling the fire
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