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I just saw the first episode and i love it I'm definitely going keep watching this series
2 Clarste3rd Jul 2011 06:45:34 PM , Relationship Status: Non-Canon
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I feel like there are too many aggressively weird side characters. While an eccentric detective is an old standby, is there really any need to give her eccentric assistants and clients too? I feel like the series would be better served by streamlining it and focusing on Mr. Ordinary and his reactions to be drafted into this whole thing.

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Decent enough, but it felt somewhat at odds with itself. The primary characters would be at home in a quirky comedy, while the plot is quite serious and rather dark. Neither side is badly done, but I don't think they go together terribly well

And why is the ED Colorado Bulldog?
I for one was somewhat confused by parts of it, but that's probably because I got interrupted a couple of times and I missed some of the details.

[up]Who knows. I wasn't paying attention to it. What is the song about?
The first episode is good enough that I'll probably watch for another couple of weeks before deciding whether to drop.

Right now Fujishima is rather indistinguishable from the other thousand Ordinary High School Students who got dragged into doing stuff with weird people, though.
6 Clarste4th Jul 2011 12:39:13 PM , Relationship Status: Non-Canon
One Winged Egret
I dunno, I found his "always changing schools, doesn't bother to remember the names of his classmates, never feels like he belongs anywhere" thing to be at least somewhat notable. Although he's clearly lying when he says he's mastered the art of pretending to know people's names.
I am not really sure what to make of this after only one episode. It has potential but I will have to wait a couple more episodes to see if it lives up to it.
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8 Augustine4th Jul 2011 01:40:55 PM from the Church on the hill , Relationship Status: 700 wives and 300 concubines
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I found it quite enjoyable. What subs is everyone using?
9 Clarste4th Jul 2011 01:43:46 PM , Relationship Status: Non-Canon
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I watched gg's version, but it kind of bugged me how they had the girl calling Shoko by name in the flashback (instead of senpai), before we learned that that was her real name and not an alias. Which was a plot point. I don't mind localization, but that seemed pretty careless.
10 Augustine4th Jul 2011 01:46:08 PM from the Church on the hill , Relationship Status: 700 wives and 300 concubines
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I'm watching Eve Taku right now, it seems ok. I've never used them before so I'm not sure how quickly they release.
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Fuck GG.

Anyway, decent start, though horribly depressing case overall. And why is Miku in jail? Thats just gratuitously cruel after Shouko class-s'd her like that.

And it seems after three generations in Japan, gold hair won't show up any longer, but Alice clearly has the spirit of her great-grandmother!

I wouldn't mind seeing more of Ayaka stripping Alice.

Always Right a single episode ~50 minutes long for this anime or is the video player broken?

Not sure what to think of this series so far...looks a bit pseudo-intellectual...and later on it sounds like it's going to be one of those "criticisms of modern ____ culture" kind of series...

Can't tell this early on. I'll wait for a few more episodes.
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It was an hour long special... however thanks to that no episode next week.
Frankly I wouldn't mind if all of the episodes were that long.
Always Right far there's another thing that really bugs me....what's with the shitty rap songs in the background?
"Every opinion that isn't mine is subjected to Your Mileage May Vary."
Oh, they're using rap songs in the background? * I thought it was only the ED.
Always Right
hmmmm...even the ED is in rap? That's a huge minus. just bugs me

Didn't finish watching it yet, I'll fully assess what I can of this series once I'm done(it's like watching a short movie...)
"Every opinion that isn't mine is subjected to Your Mileage May Vary."
Well I could be wrong about the ED since I wasn't really paying attention to the song.

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19 Clarste5th Jul 2011 04:46:38 PM , Relationship Status: Non-Canon
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The ED isn't rap. I'm not an expert on musical genres, but I think it's just rock. I think it's some well-known American rock song that they had to license, but I'm not the best person to ask about this sort of thing.
20 Funnyguts5th Jul 2011 05:08:42 PM from French Bread!
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I couldn't find anything about a song, but apparently Colorado Bulldog is a type of alcoholic drink.
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Always Right

Definately not rap, but.....still don't like it.

So far...

  • Pro: Interesting characters. Alice is cute. All the characters in that dojo looked interesting. All the characters look reasonably good looking. Doesn't take itself too seriously most of the time.

  • Con: occasional RAP in the background is a massive minus. Looks a little pseudo-intellectual* . The whole urban environment just just isn't my preferred setting. Shoko's pathetic situation is a little frustrating* . Bad ending theme.

I'll watch a few more episodes to see what I think of it.

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"Every opinion that isn't mine is subjected to Your Mileage May Vary."
It was an hour long special... however thanks to that no episode next week.

It was an hour long special, and there is no episode on the ninth, but the two aren't connected at all. The episode that aired on the 2nd was on AT-X, which is more or less taking a week off. MX will be showing the series from 8th, getting us episode 2 a day earlier than if a week was simply skipped. The same thing happened with Blood-C, which has a normal-length first episode
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I don't mind the random rapping in the background music, but then I'm a Taku Iwasaki fan, and he's doing that all the time nowadays.
Liveblogging of EP 8 of Umineko no Naku Koro ni to start... sometime.
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It reminded me of Persona 3 music, which is thematically appropriate.

I'm not a huge fan of rap (ok, I'm not a fan of rap at all), but if it stays like this, I'll be fine with it.

And the ED I just ignored, did not appeal to me at all.

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